Firm Opens New Glendale Carpet Cleaning Office

May 28, 2015


Citrus Organic Carpet Cleaning recently established a satellite office in the city of Glendale, California. This new Glendale carpet cleaning facility will enable the Encino-based company to expand its eco-friendly services in southern California while meeting the growing demand for organic cleaners. The office’s professional staff intends to serve both commercial and residential customers throughout the area.

New Location

The newest Citrus Organic Carpet Cleaning office is conveniently located at 202 South Central Avenue. Clients may contact the facility by phone at 818-208-0778. The well-trained employees at this location provide free quotes, set up appointments and respond to emergencies. When carpets need immediate cleansing, technicians can reach locations in the Glendale area within one hour. They respond to emergencies at any time of day or night.

Citrus has established this new facility to satisfy the rising demand for green and organic carpet services in Los Angeles County. With a population of over 190,000 people, the city of Glendale provides many opportunities for this company to gain additional home and business customers. It also expects to benefit from the satellite office’s proximity to other major cities in southern California.

During recent years, a variety of factors have boosted the public’s interest in organic cleaning. People are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that toxic chemicals have on their health. More and more Californians suffer from asthma, various allergies and other conditions that conventional cleaners can exacerbate. Many people also have concerns about their effect on pets.

Cleaning Methods

Conventional carpet cleaners in California typically use products that contain a number of potentially harmful ingredients. These substances can include sodium hydroxide, formaldehyde, artificial scents and/or various acids. When applied, they frequently release vapors that pollute the air inside homes and businesses. This can trigger lung irritation, eye discomfort, fatigue, congestion, headaches, coughing and many other ailments.

Some people try to avoid these problems by only cleaning occasionally. However, grimy carpeting often produces medical problems as well. It can collect dust, pet dander, mold spores, pollen, mites and other particles that cause allergic reactions. This is particularly problematic during the spring and summer months. Carpets may also harbor bacteria or pest insects. Regular cleaning prevents people and pets from spreading them throughout a building.

Companies like Citrus Organic Carpet Cleaning strive to solve both problems. They use natural, biodegradable products that thoroughly clean surfaces while eliminating odors. These substances are also less likely to promote mold growth than conventional cleaners. In addition to protecting the health of a business or home’s occupants, they reduce the environmental impact of carpet cleansing. This improves the cleanliness of California’s outdoor air and water.

About Citrus

Although it has only begun to provide Glendale carpet cleaning services, Citrus Organic Carpet Cleaning is a company with long-term experience. It has served commercial and residential clients in southern California for more than two decades. In addition to eco-friendly cleaning products, the company uses powerful vacuum equipment to thoroughly cleanse carpets and furniture. Citrus serves customers in Valencia, Reseda, Encino and several other cities.

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Advanced Lighting Solutions Rapidly Advancing OTC Exchange ATS

May 26, 2015


Advanced Lighting Solutions Inc. (OTCPK: AVLS) – transitioning  to formally be known as  CP Incorporated, Inc. (“AVLS” or the “Company”), announced today that the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, the OTC Exchange Inc. (“OTCE”), is rapidly advancing OTC Exchange ATS, having now completed is WebCRD application and required ATS registration, with FINRA and the SEC, respectively. The Company expects to soon beta test its ATS for an anticipated 2015 launch of a formidable alternative to current micro-cap exchange systems.

“We are rapidly advancing OTC Exchange ATS with FINRA and the SEC, working diligently to ensure that our pending membership and registration documentation is in good order,” said James Morgan, President of CP Incorporated, Inc. (currently known as Advanced Lighting Solutions, Inc.).   “We seek to safeguard the anticipated future status of our product being entitled to use WebCRD (Central Registration Depository (CRD/Web CRD)), and, becoming an SEC approved ATS (Alternative Trading System).”

OTCE completed its application to become a CRD member of FINRA on May 18th, 2015. This gives the Company access to an automated database where historical records on registered securities representatives, principals and employees of member firms are maintained; making for efficient electronic form and data submissions.  In addition, on May 18th, the OTCE forwarded the required ATS registration documentation to the SEC to become an Alternative Trading System, which allows the OTC Exchange ATS to become an alternative venue [trading exchange] for the public markets – particularly micro-caps.

As a broker-dealer and an ATS, OTCE will operate the OTC Exchange ATS as a true inter-dealer quotation and messaging system. This system is anticipated to provide an array of functionality, inclusive of fully attributable Over the Counter (OTC) trade execution, real time quotes, charting and messaging services, to a vast network of professional and non-professional subscribers. Management expects that users of today’s known current trade system process, should find an easy transition to the OTCE’s ATS, a seamless transition and “a refreshing option for the broker dealer community,” stated Mr. Morgan.

Mr. Morgan concluded, “Our mission is simple.  To operate a ‘truly’ non-biased, open, transparent and connected marketplace; linking broker-dealers and providing investors with the necessary tools to best protect their interest. In rapidly advancing OTC Exchange ATS, securing membership with FINRA and becoming a registered ATS with the SEC, will allow the OTC Exchange ATS to help us accomplish that mission – serving as an objective ‘regulated entity’ for greater accountability; without altering convenience or user experience.”

Management anticipates initiating its beta test of the OTC Exchange ATS inside of June. OTCE has targeted late 2015 as a launch time for what many believe will become the market’s most formidable alternative to today’s current micro-cap exchange system.


A form that is filed with the SEC as an initial operation report or an amendment to initial operation report, or a cessation of operations report for alternative trading systems. SEC Form ATS must be filed 20 days prior to the initial operation or before a material change to an alternative trading system.


An alternative trading system means any organization or system that provides a market place for bringing together purchases and sellers of securities. It also applies to any system which with respect to securities performs the functions commonly performed by a stock exchange and that does not set rules governing the conduct of its subscribers.


Certain of the above statements contained in this press release are forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Such forward-looking statements are within the meaning of that term in Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Readers are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, and that actual results may differ materially from those indicated in the forward-looking statements as a result of various factors.


CP. Incorporated, OTC Exchange Corporate Relegation Contact
Samantha Jameson V.P. Corporate Relations
FM 3083/Teas Rd at Plantation Dr., Suite 100
Conroe, TX 77303
(214) 799-0542

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RO Systems and Other Ways to Fight the Water Crisis in California

May 25, 2015


Water shortage has become a reality in many parts of the world today. It is scary to know that today, one in six people do not have access to safe drinking water, according to the World Water Council. The 2015 World Economic Report on Global Risks mentions water crises as the number one global threat based on likelihood and impact, right above the spread of infectious disease, unemployment or terrorist attacks.

The most recent example of water shortage is the one that California is currently facing. It’s been over three years and the struggle has been distressing, with no end in sight. Experts say that this is not the worst drought experienced by the state of California, since it has experienced dry spells in the past that lasted anywhere between 10 to 20 years. Still, that doesn’t provide solace to the current situation being faced by those in California, especially the farmers.

Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. called this drought a State of Emergency and asked all the state officials to take all the necessary actions to help the hardest hit communities, and requested all Californians to help out by reducing their water usage by 20 percent. He even reported about the measures the state is taking to help fight this water shortage by putting up more legislation against wasting water in the state. He has also been having discussions with experts about ways to conserve water.

But conservation is not the answer. The need of the hour is to increase the water supply. One way of doing that is by making optimal use of seawater desalination reverse osmosis watermakers (SWRO). SWRO is used to desalinate seawater, by applying pressure on seawater and pushing it through a fine membrane that allows water molecules to pass, but not larger particles, chloride or contaminants. In some cases, instead of using pressure to drive the water through the membrane, electricity is used. Even though reverse osmosis may appear to be a complex system at first, it is really a simple and straightforward water filtration process.

Even recycling sewage water is being proposed as a viable solution to soothe the current situation in California. It is done by putting waste water through the usual sewage treatment plant. Then, this water goes through a Ultra Filtration (UF) then reverse osmosis (RO) system and is treated for the second time. The water that finally comes out is absolutely safe to drink. Believe it or not, it actually tastes even better than the normal supply in Southern California. This water even contains a significantly lower level of salt.

Seawater Desalination is not a novel concept. In fact, it is one of mankind’s earliest forms of water treatment, and it still continues to be a popular treatment solution throughout the world. Today, seawater desalination plants are used to convert sea water to drinking water on ships and in many arid regions of the world, and to treat water in other areas that is contaminated by natural and unnatural contaminants.

Over 17,000 desalination plants are now operating in 150 countries worldwide, a capacity that could nearly double by 2020, according to the United Nations World Water Development Report 2014. Seawater Desalination produces 21 billion gallons of water a day, as per the International Desalination Association, providing a crucial water source in dry places such as the Middle East and Australia.

According to the Texas Water Development Board, almost 60 percent of the world’s 12,500 seawater desalination plants are in the Middle East, where they generate 70 percent of the region’s water. Water treatment plants and systems are now using reverse osmosis to meet their fresh water needs. In Perth, Australia (notably dry and arid, yet surrounded by sea), nearly 17 percent of the area’s drinking water is desalinated sea water that comes from a reverse osmosis plant [source: The Economist].

There are some large desalination plants under construction in the US too. When the Carlsbad Desalination Project is done being built this fall, it will be the largest desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere. This largest seawater desalination plant, a $ 1 billion state-of-the-art reverse osmosis, is set to begin producing 54 million gallons every single day. As a result, it will supply water to 300,000 residents, starting from early 2016.

There are various organizations that design and manufacture reverse osmosis systems. Among them is Ampac USA and their extensive line of reverse osmosis systems for commercial, SWRO, ROWPU and whole house water purification requirements range from 100 GPD (gallons per day) to 100,000 GPD. These systems are used for numerous applications such as homes on well water, hydroponics, drinking water stores, restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, wineries, and industrial projects such as boilers, humidifiers, seafood processing, dairy products, metal preparation and washing for automotive and aerospace, dialysis systems, as well on marine applications such as PSV’s, MPSV’s and AHTS globally.

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Cleveland Pastor of Historic Church to Preach Message in Wake of Brelo Verdict

May 24, 2015



8712 Quincy Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44120


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Contact: Mark Smith, Media Director, (440) 666-2019

Cleveland Pastor of Historic Church to Preach Message in Wake of Verdict


Luke 23:23-25

Cleveland, Ohio – In the wake of the Michael Brelo verdict in the city of Cleveland and the issue of police use of force that as captured the nation’s attention, triggering protests and unrest around the country, the Reverend Dr. Jawanza Karriem Colvin, pastor of Olivet Institutional Baptist Church will be preaching a sermon entitled: “Reform or Riot: A Critical Question to a Community and Country in Crisis.” This message will be taken from Luke 23:23-25 and will examine how people of conscience and moral conviction should respond in the face of public outrage and a sense of injustice

Reverend Colvin is the sixth pastor of the Olivet Institutional Baptist Church. He holds a Bachelors of Arts from Morehouse College, a Masters of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in New York City and a Doctorate of Education from Columbia University.

Olivet Institutional Baptist Church is one of the nation’s leading congregations in the African American religious and social justice tradition. With a membership exceeding 4000, Olivet has been committed to civil rights and social equity since its inception and over the years the Olivet pulpit has received numerous world leaders including Nobel Peace Prize winners, U.S. Presidents and other distinguished dignitaries.

WHEN: Sunday, May 24, 2015 at 7:30a.m., 9:45 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. services

WHERE:  Olivet Institutional Baptist Church

                 8712 Quincy Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44120 / (216) 721-3585

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Steel Defines Litchfield Courthouse in Torrington, CT

May 22, 2015


The long-awaited Litchfield Judicial District Courthouse is one step closer to completion now that KBE Building Corp. has begun erecting structural steel for the new building superstructure.  Each added beam and column is helping to define the shape of this new building located in one of the neighborhoods close to downtown Torrington.

“I’m so pleased with the progress we are making on this project,” said Commissioner Melody A. Currey. “The Torrington area has been waiting for this for a long time, and we are finally seeing the courthouse going up right before our eyes. The legislative delegation from Litchfield County worked for decades to get this project authorized, and Governor Malloy finally gave it the green light. We look forward to a smooth construction season this summer and lots more progress to come.”

KBE serves as design-builder and constructor for the $ 67.8 million project, which encompasses the following new construction:

·         183,600-square-foot L-shaped building containing (1) a south wing with three stories and basement and (2) a north wing with four stories and basement

·         attached two-story parking structure with 366 spaces and on-site parking at grade level

For the Litchfield Courthouse project, KBE leads the design-build team, which includes The DLR Group of Orlando, FL as the lead architect with support from CT-based architect AM Design. 

Other design team members include BVH Integrated Services of Bloomfield, CT, providing structural, civil, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, and information technology engineering services; CR3 LLC of Simsbury, CT, providing landscape architecture; Geodesign, Inc. of Middlebury, CT, providing geotechnical and environmental engineering; and Cerami & Associates of New York, NY.

For more information about the Litchfield Courthouse project, visit

Photographs of the steel erection process are available below:

Photo Credit: KBE Building Corporation

Caption: Construction team members start the steel erection process at the Litchfield Judicial District Courthouse project in Torrington.

About KBE Building Corporation

Located in Norwalk, CT; Farmington, CT; and Columbia, MD, KBE Building Corporation is a full-service, single-source commercial construction company strategically positioned to serve the Eastern and Mid-Atlantic U.S. Founded in 1959 and incorporated in 1966, the firm provides preconstruction, construction management, design-build, and general contracting services to clients in the retail, educational, senior living, federal, corporate, hospitality, health care, and institutional markets. KBE has managed more than $ 2.5 billion in construction volume over the last decade and is ranked among Engineering News-Record magazine’s top 400 construction companies nationally. Learn more at

Media Contact: Jonelle Lawhorn | KBE Director of Marketing

t: 860.284.7431| c: 860.836.7517 | f: 860.284.7831 | e:

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Launch Local, Inc. Recognizes Esteemed Event Coordinator

May 21, 2015


After several weeks of dedication, Lysakowski has thoroughly impressed upper management within the company. Director of Operations, Linda Barton commented, “Mike is great, he has such an amazing work ethic, he has been doing really well and truly understands the business and how it functions. We are honored to have him.”

Not only does he bring previous career experience to the team, he also brings years of marketing, management, and personal development skill with him as well. Lysakowski graduated from Westminster College in Sharon, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s in public relations/marketing and image management. Lysakowski is verse in several other business ventures including being a broadcaster of nationwide short-track racing events and an active member of the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame. “Of all my experiences, I will always remember the personal and professional support that Linda has given me,” he continued “Linda even gave me advice to better my home life and I’ve since been very grateful for her dedication towards my development.”

Launch Local, Inc. is constantly growing, account managers and event coordinators alike understand how important it is to set goals that align with the firm’s values and position it for long-term success. “It’s people like Mike that really go above and beyond who have made an impact on his peers and even on me,” said Barton

Lysakowski has expressed his interest in keeping to the greater Pittsburgh area as most of his previous work involved traveling. “As much as I enjoyed traveling, I’m really grateful to be carrying out local campaigns with the company and plan to reside within the area in the future as well,” he continued “Thankfully, Launch Local gave me a chance to do this.”

About Launch Local, Inc.

Launch Local, Inc. has gained widespread recognition for their community involvement sector serving sports, entertainment, and leisure clients of all types and sizes. Using a unique interactive model combined with exceptional promotion channels, the firm builds connections between clients and the local community to generate high conversion rates. Their dynamic consumer outreach efforts offer the public exclusive incentive packages that give their clients an edge over the competition. Each outreach is deployed by a skillful group of team members who receive advanced training and coaching to develop an intuitiveness and expertise that they use to achieve notable returns.

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Comfort Inn Brooklyn – Downtown Announces a Special Offer for Art Enthusiasts

May 20, 2015


Comfort Inn Brooklyn – Downtown announces a special package for art enthusiasts. This Brooklyn Hotel is ideally located near top Attractions, including the Brooklyn Museum. Visitors who choose the Love for the Arts Package will have special access to this popular Museum. The Hotel also has other impressive special offers to welcome guests. View offer details >

Love for the Arts Package:
The Love for the Arts Package makes it easy to plan an art-infused visit to Brooklyn.  This package at Comfort Inn Brooklyn includes 2 adult tickets to the Brooklyn Museum. Visitors who choose this package can also avoid the lines the Museum with expedited entry.

Some visitors are surprised to learn that the 2nd largest Museum in New York isn’t in NYC. The Brooklyn Museum, at 560,000 square feet, holds that distinction. The Museum’s collections include more than 1.5 million objects, and their holdings span thousands of years. From the impressive Egyptian collection to works by Norman Rockwell, there is something to interest every art enthusiast.   

Visitors who choose Comfort Inn Brooklyn will have easy access to all of the attractions that New York City has to offer, but many find that there are plenty of Brooklyn attractions to enjoy during a stay. This Brooklyn Hotel is located a short walk from Barclays Center, making it a popular choice with visitors coming to attend an event at that venue.

The Hotel is also near top dining and shopping destinations in the City. Both business and leisure travelers appreciate the reasonably-priced Accommodations that are located near some of the best that Brooklyn has to offer.

Those planning to book the Love for the Arts Package should make reservations in advance as availability is limited. Reservations for this and other special offers at Comfort Inn Brooklyn can be made  online or by calling 718.855.9600.

About Comfort Inn Brooklyn – Downtown – A Brooklyn Hotel:
Comfort Inn Brooklyn – Downtown is a conveniently-located Brooklyn Hotel. Positioned in the heart of the Brooklyn Restaurant District, this Brooklyn Hotel is also within walking distance of Barclays Center and near other top Brooklyn Attractions including the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Guests who choose Comfort Inn Brooklyn – Downtown will also be just a short train ride from all the best Manhattan Dining, Shopping, and Attractions such as Times Square, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and much more.

The Guest Rooms at this Downtown Brooklyn Hotel feature thoughtful amenities including free high-speed wireless internet, LCD TVs, guest laundry services, and free newspaper delivery. Guests will also enjoy a free hot breakfast during each morning of their stay.

Visiting Brooklyn? Choose Comfort Inn Brooklyn – Downtown – A Brooklyn Hotel. Check Rates, Make Reservations or call 718.855.9600.

Browse our Brooklyn’s Visitors Guide for information about Activities, Attractions, Shopping, and Dining options located near our Brooklyn Hotel. 

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On-Demand Lawn Mowing Expanding Nationwide!

May 19, 2015


Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the week. Think of the things that could get accomplished if that weekend chore was eliminated — parents could play catch with their aspiring little leaguer or help their daughter build a lemonade stand.

All those well-deserved moments can be experienced with the latest On-Demand lawn mowing app from MOWZ, offering expert lawn care at the tap of a button.  Just download the free MOWZ app right to any Smartphone, request service and add those precious hours back to the weekend. Co-Founders, William Mahoney of Syracuse and Andrew Englander of New York City created MOWZ to complement the wildly successful PLOWZ app.

With MOWZ, homeowners can order lawn service from any location via the Smartphone mobile app. MOWZ offers its service for multiple locations under one account so helping an elderly relative, parent or friend is as easy as 1-2-3. 

The App, available for download on Apple or Android devices, boasts an easy-to-use interface and a top-notch delivery method. A user simply inputs the home address, a description of the lawn, and tap to request service. The homeowner is in complete control and updated throughout the process.

The homeowner receives a picture of the manicured lawn, rates the job, and payment is made to the experienced and insured landscaper within 24 hours of completion!  Lawn care made easy. 

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zen jewelz by: ZenJen Announces the “PATRIOT COLLECTION”

May 18, 2015


zen jewelz by: ZenJen, a designer of  spiritual healing jewelry comprised of precious and semi-precious gemstones, announced today the release of the “PATRIOT COLLECTION“.  The collection consists of “THE PATRIOT BRACELET”, “THE USA BRACELET”, “THE REPUBLICAN BRACELET” and “THE DEMOCRAT BRACELET” made of all natural Onyx and Coral gemstones adorned with various patriotic charms for only $ 34.99.  The launch of this collection is just in time to help celebrate Memorial Day and the 4th of July.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, not only during the holidays but throughout the year.  We ask everyone to support the PATRIOT COLLECTION and the Wounded Warrior Project by purchasing your favorite patriotic bracelet at

zen jewelz has been designing and selling spiritual handmade jewelry in the USA for the last 10 years.  ZenJen, the founder, owner and designer is the original creator of the fertility and goddess bracelet as seen on the Real Housewives of NJ.  The company’s core focus is to help manifest the dreams and wellness of the client. Each piece of spiritual jewelry is specifically created for healing the mind, body and soul, and to assist in balancing the physical and metaphysical energies of the body while setting trends in fashion.  For further information on zen jewelz or our products please visit the company’s website at

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Oh Juke Box Saturday Night Again and Again

May 16, 2015


?If it is Saturday night, money is scarce, there is always a war, and you want to reminisce with the golden oldies, there’s American tradition of a Juke Box Saturday Night. The song “Juke Box Saturday” night was recorded initially by Glenn Miller in 1942 and his Orchestra and then notably covered by Nino & The Ebb Tides in 1961. “Juke Box Saturday Night” was written by Al Stillman and Paul McGrane and first recorded by Glenn Miller & His Orchestra. This song told the story of kids having fun when cash is in short supply, making a soda last all night, and listening to their favorite hits. Both versions feature parody clips of the current generation’s popular artists. The Glenn Miller version lampoons Harry James and The Ink Spots, for example, and the one by Nino & The Ebb Tides parodies The Monotones and The Silhouettes. Part of the scheme in each version is to share a lot of music by having many people put a dime in the juke box. In the spirit of saving cash and reminiscing, The Daily Doo Wop features free music downloads with an all request Juke Box Saturday Night every Saturday night on the juke box in the Rec Room, starting at 5:00 PM EDT. This Saturday, there will be a song to honor B. B. King as well as music by The Earls, The Dells, The Platters, and more.

“Juke Box Saturday Night” was Glenn Miller’s last hit as a civilian. With World War II being the big, urgent news of the day, Miller enlisted shortly after this record was released. On December 5, 1942, the song went into the Billboard Top Ten at #9. Miller was transferred from the Army to the Army Air Corps and became Captain Glenn Miller. He auditioned recruits from all of the U.S. for a military that would play modern, popular music to the troops. They became the Army Air Force Band. They existed for 14 months and played in 11 countries overseas. They are credited with more than 500 radio broadcasts, did more than 300 personal appearances, and were involved with more than 900 morale-boosting drives for those in garrison areas and combat zones. Miler believed that music helped the fight, and said, “America means freedom and there’s no expression of freedom quite so sincere as music.” The video clip features The Modernaires.

Nino & The Ebb Tides were a doo wop from The Bronx, New York. They started singing together in 1956 and had a few minor hits.  In 1961, they covered the Glenn Miller tune “Juke Box Saturday Night,” updating the “swingaroo” references to the newer rock and roll artists. Although the record only reached #57 nationally, it was a hit in regional areas, including New York City, and is considered by many to be a classic. Group members for the song were Antonio Aiello (lead), Vinnie Drago (bass), Tony DiBari (tenor), and Tony Imbimbo (baritone).

The Daily Doo-Wop is a website and a page on Facebook.  It is open to all, with a special dedication to those who were young during the first era of rock and roll. That would be from about 1952 and the beginning of the Eisenhower administration until the first appearance of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. The Daily Doo Wop presents doo wop, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and rockabilly music videos, plus photos and stories about TV shows, movies, history, and artists during the 1950s and early 1960s.

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