Ancillary Medical Solution Has Largest Variety of Exciting Options For Medical Practitioners and Physicians

Apr 25, 2015


?Like all businesses or professions, the horizons and requirements of medical professions are expanding. The practitioners of modern medicine appreciate that with new advancements in technology and specialization, the landscape of their field is changing rapidly. The modern patients desire to have better service delivery from their doctors and prefer clinics which have in-house facilities.

Ancillary Medical Solutions, an upcoming new age company based at San Diego, focuses on bringing adaptable augmentation facilities at the door step of the medical practitioners. Most doctors concede that by having ancillary facilities installed in-house at their clinics, they can serve the patients better and more effectively. The patients also are saved from the inconvenience of going to another off-site center for getting the recommended tests done on them.

The Company plans to engage with the medical practitioners interested in augmenting the facilities in their offices/clinics. It encourages them to set up ancillary facilities suitable to their practice or patient requirements and provides

them complete assistance for the same. The company presently has nineteen different options, from generic to specialized areas, on offer and perhaps is the only business in the field to serve such variety to its clients. The company professes to discuss, deliberate and support the practitioner on deciding the most suitable options. The response on the options presented to the clients so far has been very encouraging and propitious.

Briefing the press on its future plans, Michael Berg, the spokesperson/executive director of the Company elaborated, “We are currently providing around nineteen different ancillary options to doctors. They include  setting up Vestibular Autorotation Test for Fall Prevention, On-site allergy testing, laboratory, Platelet Rich Plasma facility, Medical Fitness, Sudopathy, Food allergy Testing, Holter Test, Mental Health assessment and host of similar services which can be seen in our website This is perhaps the widest range of services available under one roof”.

Adding further, he declared that the company provides facility like commissioning of requisite set-up, its technical maintenance, providing trained assistants/ technicians and long term assistance on different aspects like training or financing or even required legal documentation. The economics of the facility is rewarding to the physician since it adds to additional revenue generation. Besides it also helps in better client retention and addition since most patients prefer one-stop solution to their problems.

Many recent surveys have pointed that most patients like to visit the medical facilities where ‘reinvestment’ is done by the medical practitioner. The in- house ancillary medical services helps the clinic by retaining and expanding its client base. The doctor, in its part, is more confident on its diagnosis and course of treatment for the patients. The services of the company range from elementary Protocall (messaging service between doctor and patient) suitable to all practitioners to generic setting up of on-site laboratory to specialized services like Urodynamics. Statistics suggest that over 22% medical practitioners have added ancillary services in their office which has also provided robust remuneration to them. Indeed, many more doctors are likely to follow and the Ancillary Medical Solutions is set to take a high growth trajectory in near future.

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Dan Evertsz Offers Free College Planning Workshops May 1st in San Francisco, CA and May 5th in San Ramon, CA

Apr 25, 2015


?To help families and their college-bound children prepare for this important educational milestone, Dan Evertsz, the CEO of College Money Pros, will give two free college funding workshops.  The first workshop will be held on Friday, May 1st, at The Payne Mansion Hotel located at 1409 Sutter Street in San Francisco, CA.  The second workshop will be on Tuesday, May 5th at the San Ramon Community Center located at 12501 Alcosta Boulevard in San Ramon, CA.  Each informative workshop begins a 7:00 p.m.

At this workshop, families will learn how the College Pros’ College Prep Scholarship Program, a scholarship tuition program that can significantly lower their out-of-pocket cost of college and discover how to pay for college without going in debt via parent and student loans.  This tuition scholarship program earns student $ 5,000.00 for 9th grade, $ 5,000.00 for 10th grade and $ 5,000.00 for 11th grade.  This means college-bound students can earn up to $ 15,000.00 in tuition merit scholarship points redeemable at over 350 Colleges across the country.    

Some of the key points included in the program are the following:         

Career Assessments
Student Resume Builder
SAT Prep
ACT Prep
Student Financial Literacy Program

In addition, families will learn about:        

How to send one’s child to the school of their dreams without getting trapped in a financial nightmare.
How to give a Rolls Royce education for the price of a used Ford Escort.
How to double or triple a child’s eligibility for free grant money.
How to pay for college by spending the least amount of money out-of-pocket.
Where to find the hidden scholarships and grants other parents will never hear about.
The single biggest mistake 9 out of 10 parents make when applying for scholarships that literally cost them thousands of dollars, and how to avoid it.
Haven’t saved enough for college?  Don’t worry – it’s not as bad as one thinks if one knows these 3 insider secrets.
The shocking truth about 529 Plans and how it can cost families money.
Did the family accountant or broker show where to save money for school?  Watch out!  Better move it now 

These college planning workshops will teach insider secrets on how to pay for college without depleting savings or incurring student loan debt.

To register online for the San Francisco workshops, please go to ? and to register online for the San Ramon workshop, please go to   Folks may also register by phone by calling 925-452-4067.   To learn more about The College Money Pros and other programs that are available, please contact or go to


Dan Evertsz is the senior partner at The College Money Pros, where Dan has helped hundreds of working class families get funding for college. Over the last 31 years, Dan has been an expert in the real estate, mortgage and financial services industry. Dan Evertsz is also the community volunteer for the non-profit Power of Working Together Scholarship program – an organization started over 30 years ago by working families who were told they made to much money to qualify for financial assistance. Today the P.O.W.T. program has helped over 30,000 families access millions of dollars of endowment scholarships for college tuition.

He offers practical methods that are easy to grasp and can be used immediately. His talent is being able to take a complex situation, crystallize the problem and offer a clear solution. As a parent of a recent college graduate, Dan understands the frustration and lack of information parents will encounter.


The College Money Pro delivers an engaging and information packed program that empowers parents with the knowledge they need to help fund and secure their child’s college graduation.

Dan is a down to earth and energetic speaker with a straight ahead style. This program is full of practical advice, future changing strategies and real life successes that will allow parents to create a clear path to funding college in a way that will be comfortable for your family.

Dan Evertsz’s workshops educate, invigorate and give attendees information that is otherwise unknown to the general public.   These eye-opening session help parents learn:

Insider strategies to access free money for college
Learn how to put together a sound funding plan to pay for college
Uncover practical and useful tools that allow parents to implement simple systems that produce consistent and sustainable revenue results
A proven road map to get all your children through college without depleting your nest egg
Discover what every parent needs to know to relieve the stress of paying for college 

By implementing Dan’s sound and proven strategies shared in this program parents with college bound students can rest easy at night.

College Money Pros Newsroom

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A New Public Sculpture Exhibition Returns to Century City

Apr 24, 2015


A second unique, year-long public art exhibition — creating an encounter between art and the public realm — has arrived in Century City. Century City Sculpture 2015 features 20 abstract pieces by 10 nationally and internationally renowned artists. This is the second exhibition organized by the Sculpture Committee of the Century City Chamber of Commerce Arts Council and the Century City Arts & Culture Foundation.

Carl Schlosberg, curator and member of the Arts Council remarks, “The mission of the exhibition is to bring to the public a sense of spirit, to provoke their imagination and arouse their curiosity.”

Susan Bursk, President & CEO of the Century City Chamber of Commerce adds, “Bringing public art to Century City for all to enjoy is a mark of a strong community commitment to the increased cultural life of this very special area.”

The 2015 exhibition is expansive, and will be visible throughout the community in front of office buildings, plazas, parkways and green belts. In contrast to the Council’s first exhibition last year of Gwynn Murrill’s bronze animals, this collection exclusively features abstract art.

The Art/The Sites

The Avenue of the Stars median holds Jeffery Laudenslager’s three soaring, 22-foot kinetic works of titanium and stainless steel. Propelled by air and wind currents, the sculptures create unlimited shapes and forms. Marlene Louchheim’s two-part polished bronze and silver nickel sculpture, Full of Nature, and Bret Price’s galvanized, painted steel Roll-Up and his 30-foot tall High Hopes, also enhance the median. At The Irvine Company’s Fox Plaza (2121 Avenue of the Stars), Price’s painted steel Zig Zag animates a grassy area.

 The Hines property’s (10100 Santa Monica Boulevard) front grass area features two bronze and steel sculptures, Diamaru XVI and Mia’s Enso, by Michael Todd. In the west garden, installed on an intriguing base of weathered wood, is Irondress, a cast iron sculpture by Peter Shelton, courtesy of L.A. Louver Gallery. The lobby is the setting for four abstract sculptures: mixed media works, Blah, Blah, Blah and The Tornado by Mark Lere, and Matt Wedel’s ceramic works, Gem, 2007 and Rock, 2010, courtesy of L.A. Louver Gallery.

Nearby at the Equity Office building (1999 Avenue of the Stars) is South African sculptor Edoardo Villa’s abstracted female reclining figure, set in a dramatic garden of succulents. Bret Price’s bright red Godot stands in front of the Constellation Place building (10250 Constellation Boulevard). Price’s steel Ball of Chain is installed on Century Park East, in front of the circular driveway of Watt Plaza (1875-1925 Century Park East), along with David Buckingham’s colorful steel Big X. Further down the street, on a gentle knoll in front of the Century Plaza Towers (2029-2049 Century Park East), visitors can view Ken Bortolazzo’s stainless steel Hexad, 1999.

This exhibition supported and funded solely by the following stakeholders of Century City, including Century City BID Association; Carl Schlosberg Fine Arts; Constellation Place; DiMascio & Berardo; InterContinental Hotel; L.A. Louver Gallery; Leslie Sacks Contemporary; Watt Plaza; Bank of America; Century City Homeowners Alliance; Century Park; Charles Schwab; Gainsborough Capital; Greenberg Glusker; Irvine Company’s Fox Plaza; Los Angeles Modern Auctions; Lee Bronson; Loeb & Loeb, LLP; U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management; ValleyCrest Landscape Companies; CDG LA; Denenberg Fine Arts; Dr. & Mrs. Hamlin Emory; H.S. Consulting; Georgina & Alan Rothenberg; and Carole Schiffer.

Sculpture tours, lectures and events will be available to the community. For more information, visit, or contact the Century City Chamber at (310) 553-2222

About the Century City Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the Century City Chamber of Commerce is to promote the best interests of Century City and its membership, serving as the unifying voice for business development and civic growth, through effective communication, events and programs making Century City the preferred place to live, work, visit and shop within the City of Los Angeles.

About The Century City Arts & Culture Foundation

The Century City Arts & Culture Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, affiliated with the Arts Council of the Century City Chamber of Commerce. It is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and providing leadership in Century City and its surrounding communities through the promotion and support of a broad range of artistic activities and initiatives. The Foundation serves the community by its inclusive programs promoting educational activities, increasing enjoyment and appreciation of the arts, serving as a resource for art and culture and facilitating the economic vitality of Century City.

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Research Conducted By Local Oncologist Presented At National Meeting

Apr 22, 2015


Dr. J. Thaddeus Beck, of Highlands Oncology Group (HOG), collaborated on research that will be introduced at the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Chicago.

The research, entitled “Genomic Mutation Profiling (GMP) and Clinical Outcome of Patients Treated with Buparlisib (PI3K inhibitor) in the “Signature” Program,” has been selected for presentation and discussion session. 

In 2015, there will be an estimated 1,658,370 new cancer cases diagnosed and 589,430 cancer deaths in the United States alone, according to the American Cancer Society. 

An annual ASCO meeting is held where oncologists from around the country meet to discuss breakthroughs or changes in medical oncology treatment and awareness, to present lectures and presentations and to provide educational experiences on concentrated topics in clinical oncology. 

The ASCO Annual Meeting brings together more than 25,000 oncology professionals from a broad range of specialties, according to the ASCO website. The 2015 meeting will take place from May 29 to June 2.

As the leading cancer treatment and research facility in Northwest Arkansas, HOG is dedicated to the advancement of cancer treatment and to providing patients with the best possible care and results.


Highlands Oncology Group is a state-of-the-art facility, with a world-class team of specialists, that is committed to providing premier cancer treatment and to enhancing the quality of life of patients and their loved ones. Highlands Oncology group provides this in a friendly, comfortable environment conveniently located in Northwest Arkansas. Highlands offers the latest technology of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapies, on-site labs, a pharmacy and an infusion center. They also offer access to clinical trials, multidisciplinary clinics and support groups. Highlands Oncology Group is helping patients win the battle against cancer every day.

For more information visit

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Cousteau Family Visits Minneapolis

Apr 21, 2015


Governor Mark Dayton’s proposal is currently stalled in the Legislature, but that doesn’t stop Minnesotans from caring about the importance of water and water quality.  Governor Dayton’s proposal will “require a healthy strip of natural vegetation along a third or more of the 70,000 miles of streams, rivers and ditches that meander through Minnesota” (“In Minnesota, buffer strips are rallying cry for cleaner water,” Star Tribune, 4-17-2015). This is very much in line with what Jacques Cousteau once said: “we forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.”  This is but one of the many reasons Beth El Synagogue’s next Inspiring Minds speakers are the Cousteau Family.

Beth El Synagogue’s Inspiring Minds Series proudly presents An Evening with the Cousteau Family ( on May 7th.  Jean-Michel Cousteau (son of Jacques-Yves), and his children Céline and Fabien, will help open up our minds to a world of sustainability, conservation, stewardship and innovation. 

Through this majestic evening, these inspiring minds, living and teaching the legacy of their father and grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau, will share with us the beauty and diversity of our world’s water–the source of all life on our planet.  The goal is that attendees will feel an even stronger desire to protect what, for some, will either be experienced for the first time, or perhaps re-discovered.  The Cousteau Family inspires us to recognize that marine conservation is one of the keys to improving our community and our world.


Honoring his heritage, Jean-Michel Cousteau founded Ocean Futures Society in 1999 to carry on this pioneering work. Ocean Futures Society, a non-profit marine conservation and education organization, serves as a “Voice for the Ocean” by communicating in all media the critical bond between people and the sea and the importance of wise environmental policy.


Céline Cousteau is founder and executive director of CauseCentric Productions, a non-profit organization that creates cause-focused multimedia content. As a member of the World Economic Forum Council on Oceans, Céline collaborates with the council to provide recommendations to the WEF about ocean issues. Celine’s current major work is a multimedia project, documentary, and engagement campaign “Tribes on the Edge” based on the indigenous tribes of the Vale do Javari reserve in the Brazilian Amazon.


With his vast experience in the field, Fabien Cousteau uses his knowledge to help refine a public policy platform grounded in the belief that environmental discipline can be the basis for cutting-edge solutions that strike a balance between regional as well as global environmental problems and the realities of market economies.  In June 2014, Fabien and his team of aquanauts embarked on Mission 31, which broke new ground in ocean exploration and honored the 50th anniversary of his grandfather’s original underwater living experiment (Conshelf Two) by going deeper, longer and further, while broadcasting each moment live on multiple channels exposing the world to the adventure, drama and mystique of what lies beneath (

More information and tickets are available online at

 Date/Time:        Thursday | May 7, 2015 | 7:00 pm

Location:          Beth El Synagogue | 5225 Barry Street West | St. Louis Park, MN 55416

 About Beth El

Beth El is a warm, open and caring Conservative Jewish community in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. The synagogue reaches out to its 1,250 households, offering educational, spiritual and social opportunities that nourish the intellect, soul and body. In so doing, familial bonds have been formed between members that stretch “from generation to generation.” Beth El is a center of Jewish life that strives to respond to emerging needs while living out the eternal, sacred values of the Jewish people.

Beth El Synagogue Newsroom

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Body Do Over & Wendy Katzen “Party Perfect” Partner To Bring Health & Planning To Anyone With A Lifecycle Event

Apr 20, 2015


Body Do Over and Wendy Katzen “Party Perfect” announced today the formation of a partnership between their two organizations geared toward customizing the wellbeing of anyone with an upcoming lifecycle event.  This is the first time a health company and a party planning company have joined together to offer a full-service solution.

“While we are always health-conscious, there are times in life when we are extremely aware of our health and well-being.  Upcoming lifecycle events, like weddings and large anniversary parties bring that to the forefront of our minds,” said John Schaefer, Founder, Body Do Over.  “I believe this partnership will offer brides and grooms throughout the country an opportunity never seen before. “

Body Do Over focuses on well-being and health and has enabled thousands of people to change their lives in a very short period of time.  “Our focus is on living life and enjoying it,” said Mr. Schaefer, “but in order to do so, you need to plan for it. We teach our clients a series of nutritional and workout shortcuts that allow them to enjoy a party, like a wedding without the guilt.”

Wendy Katzen “Party Perfect” is an event-planning business based in Potomac, Maryland.  Wendy Katzen has worked with dignitaries, celebrities, and people across the United States and beyond with their party planning needs.  According to Wendy, “every single bride and groom that I meet with are concerned about so many details.  Having a partnership with Body Do Over will help them to have one less concern, while learning how to enjoy both the process, — and their day, in a healthy way.”

Wendy Katzen “Party Perfect” is known for her high-end party planning, incorporating a positive theater experience into each event.  Mrs. Katzen’s background in acting, set design, and other related areas helps her, not only maintain a significant attention to detail, but also see things with a professional eye to give her clients the event of their dreams.

Body Do Over is based in Los Angeles, California and John Schaefer works with dignitaries, actors/actresses, and everyday people across the country to achieve their desired bodies.  Body Do Over’s 90 day program has helped hundreds of people change their lives in a short period of time, while increasing their enjoyment of it at the same time.  Body Do Over believes fitness and nutrition should “enhance your life, not be your life.”  Based on 17 key mantras, Body Do Over completely changes the way people view health.

For more information on Body Do Over please visit  For more information on Wendy Katzen “Party Perfect” please visit

About Body Do Over:

John is a professional personal trainer with a degree in Exercise Science from Florida State University. He has trained and counseled hundreds of people over the last 15 years in fitness and nutrition. Founder of Cut Method, John specializes in changing the way people view fitness and nutrition as a whole to create rapid and lasting results both mentally and physically.   

About Wendy Katzen “Party Perfect”:

Wendy Katzen, formerly a New York actress, is able to bring her extensive theatrical experience to your event.  Along with performing on stage, Wendy has appeared in numerous worldwide publications. As your Creative Consultant, Wendy can draw upon her vast knowledge of lighting, set design, music, directing, and so much more that she has mastered while attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. As an actress, her ability to create a character enables her to understand the complexities of her clients. There are so many parallels between an event and a theatrical production — set design/décor, timing, scripting, etc. As the founder and creator of Wendy Katzen “Party Perfect” in 1990, the transition from “Performer” to “Planner” was smooth and logical.  Her enthusiasm, creativity, talent, demand for perfection and experience gives her a fresh perspective to the event world. She loves creating something new and exciting for each and every client, whether they be a member of the entertainment community, political arena, local or global. Wendy has been an Event Designer and an active member of the International Special Events Society for over 20 years. as well as doing what she loves.  Remember — “All The World’s A Stage”.  

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Home Safety Security Systems Launches Their New Webite

Apr 17, 2015


It’s a scary world these days. Bad things happen, sometimes even close to home. Have greater peace of mind and confidence with this great selection of security solutions for home or business. carries home security systems, complete surveillance systems, personal security, security sensors and alarms, surveillance cameras, and surveillance video equipment. home security systems make it possible to know if someone should break in before they get very far. They can even scare them off before they do anything. Sleep peacefully with these security systems in place to help protect the people that matter the most. complete surveillance systems are ideal for either home or business use to give an added layer of security and protection. Even the sight of a camera can deter would-be intruders from breaking in. 

The magic formula to success is client care and complete satisfaction. works hard to offer fairly priced, modern solutions, constantly seeking to push the bounds of customer service, quality, and attention to detail. Special care has been taken to make shopping on this website easy and secure.

For more information, please visit 

​Contact information

Diane Provost​

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Data-Tech to Host Open House and IT Security Exhibition

Apr 17, 2015


On Thursday, May 21st, Data-Tech, Tampa Bay’s premier IT security and cloud services provider, will host an open house and learning exhibition that will showcase some of the most exciting developments in IT security for 2015.  Experts from some of the leading organizations in the technology industry—including Dell SonicWALL, Barracuda, Level 3 Communications and Utopic Software—will be on hand to treat guests to interactive presentations and thought-provoking live demonstrations.

In addition to learning first-hand about the latest techniques and strategies to combat the slew of cyber-attacks threatening the modern world of online computing, guests will be invited to tour Data-Tech’s state-of-the-art facility, including their private data center and contemporary training venue. Attendees will also be invited to participate in various interactive games and activities for the chance to win a number of IT-themed prizes. Entrance to the event is free of charge, with complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres provided for all in attendance.

This is a unique opportunity to peek behind the curtain of the IT industry; particularly the world of cyber security. With an ever-increasing mobile workforce made possible in part by the growing adoption of cloud computing, keeping business networks safe and secure is a critical concern for organizations worldwide today. This informative and interactive event will allow guests to better understand how forward-thinking companies are now protecting their systems from the myriad of online threats looming over the IT landscape today.

 The event will take place on Thursday, May 21st at the Data-Tech facility, located at 7904 Hopi Place in Tampa. FL, 33634.  While entry is free of charge, guests are asked to register in advance online at  This is a can’t-miss event for anyone looking to learn about the IT industry and next generation of IT Security. Enjoy complimentary food and drinks as well as network with fellow Tampa area professionals.


Since 1996, Data-Tech has been dedicated to providing superior solutions precisely tailored to clients’ technological needs. Tampa Bay’s premier cloud service provider offers a broad selection of computer services that are available as pre-defined solutions or à la carte. Whatever a client needs—computer IT services, managed IT services, cloud services, telephony & cabling, VoIP, data hosting, healthcare IT management, disaster recovery and backup and business continuity needs—Data-Tech will accept nothing less than 100% satisfaction.

Data-Tech Newsroom

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Sterling Dentist Can Straighten Your Teeth with Invisalign

Apr 16, 2015


Sterling dentists, Dr. Mina Ranzurmal and Dr. Rick Rios, and team are offering Invisalign as a means to straighten teeth without the hassle of traditional metal wires. At Rios Dentistry, we utilize modern technology to help patients achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Invisalign is a clear, removable device that you wear over your teeth for about 20 hours a day. This device ultimately makes it more convenient for you to eat, brush and floss while receiving orthodontic treatment. It is also comfortable and easy to wear. Invisalign is visually more appealing than traditional braces and will give you the confidence to straighten your teeth without the metal look.

Choosing Invisalign rids of most problems that traditional braces may cause. It reduces pain, discomfort and mouth sores that you may endure from the metal brackets and wires. It also decreases your chances of getting tooth decay and plaque buildup from inadequate brushing and flossing.

The process of getting Invisalign is easy and convenient. It first begins with a consultation at our dental office. Once our Sterling dentist determines if you are a candidate for Invisalign, a model of your teeth will be created on the computer to ensure a step-by-step process to getting your teeth straight. This allows you to see a visual representation of what your teeth can look like upon completion of treatment. Your clear aligners are replaced every two weeks. Each aligner is made so that your teeth are slightly straighter than the previous trays.

Invisalign can also assist in correcting gapped teeth, an overbite, an under bite, an open bite, overcrowding of teeth or a crossbite.  Besides Invisalign being a convenient method to straighten teeth, it also has health benefits such as:

Providing defense against periodontal issues in the future by keeping the gums firmly around the teethLess plaque build up than with traditional braces due to easier cleaning

At our office, we can help you achieve straight teeth and a beautiful, healthy smile with Invisalign. We are dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable dental experience. It is our top priority to deliver high quality care to our patients in a comfortable and convenient setting. Contact our dentist in Sterling for more information.​

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Ford & Associates Nationwide Legal Services, A.P.C., Responds to Recent FDA Health Warning Label Requirements For Testosterone Drugs in Relation to Defective Drug Laws

Apr 15, 2015


Following a testosterone screening conducted by The Endocrine Society and documented by the National Center for Biotechnology Information in March 2015, the FDA has issued label requirements on testosterone replacement products to feature possible health risks associated with testosterone drug use. These label requirements follow a January 2014 FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA Evaluating Risk of Stroke, Heart Attack, and Death with FDA-Approved Testosterone Products, which announced the FDA was reviewing the cardiovascular risks allegedly associated with testosterone therapy.*

According to court documents regarding lawsuits filed under Testosterone Replacement Therapy Product Liability Litigation – MDL No. 2545 in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, testosterone lawsuit plaintiffs are claiming that the manufacturers of prescription drugs used to treat male hypogonadism (low testosterone, or “Low-T”) failed to warn patients and doctors of potential cardiovascular problems associated with drug use. Plaintiffs further allege that the medications were marketed as treatments for low testosterone related to aging, when the drugs are only FDA approved to treat hypogonadism caused by testicle, pituitary gland, or brain disorders.**

“Ford & Associates has researched documented testosterone studies by the Endocrine Society, and while we feel the newest FDA label requirements may help future users of “Low-T” replacement medications, men who have already allegedly suffered adverse health conditions from using such drugs may benefit from seeking the advice of a qualified testosterone lawyer to discuss their legal options.

From a legal standpoint, it’s a drug manufacturer’s responsibility to include any potential side effects and warnings on a product’s label, so consumers are made fully aware of any potential health risks associated with product usage. Product liability laws hold low-testosterone manufacturers responsible for developing and dispensing defective drugs, regardless of a previous FDA approval. Many people believe that when a drug gains FDA approval, it’s safe for use, even use that isn’t specifically approved by the FDA. Whether a manufacturer has omitted pertinent information, or fails to include safety warnings, that manufacturer can be held liable for defective-drug distribution. The product liability and defective drug attorneys at Ford & Associates can discuss your claim with you, and the specifics of your situation.”

– Mateo Martinez, Ford & Associates Case Manager

Ford & Associates notes that The Endocrine Society screening found prescription low testosterone therapy is often allegedly prescribed for men who have no medical need for such treatment. The screening looked at 2001-2010 insurance data from over 61,000 adult male patients being treated with testosterone replacement drugs. Over 19% of patients received testosterone prescriptions despite having normal levels of the hormone, while only 73% had their hormone levels tested before being prescribed testosterone therapy.***

According to court documents regarding lawsuits filed under Testosterone Replacement Therapy Product Liability Litigation – MDL No. 2545, the following Low-T drugs are in question for causing adverse health conditions:

• Gel: AndroGel, Axiron, and Bio-T Gel

• Gel: Fortesta and Testim

• Patches: AndroDerm

• Injections: Delatestryl

• Injections: Depo-Testosterone

• Implants: Testopel

• Pills: Striant​

*, FDA, March 3, 2015

**, FDA, January 31, 2014

***, Public Health Report, March-April 2015

About Ford & Associates Nationwide Legal Services, A.P.C. 

Ford & Associates Nationwide Legal Services, A.P.C., is a San Diego based injury firm that handles each testosterone therapy lawsuit with unparalleled competence, compassion, and skill. The firm’s attorneys are aggressive in their pursuit of justice for every client they serve, and will leave no stone unturned until a favorable outcome has been reached as allowed by law.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from using a low-testosterone replacement drug, you may be entitled to file a claim. For more information on testosterone lawsuits, and answers to low testosterone lawsuit questions, contact Ford & Associates today at 800-817-7777 for a free, no-obligation case review.

Ford & Associates Nationwide Legal Services, A.P.C. 

3555 4th Ave 

San Diego, CA 92103 


ATTORNEY ADVERTISING. © 2015 Ford & Associates Nationwide Legal Services, A.P.C.. The law firm responsible for this advertisement is Ford & Associates Nationwide Legal Services, A.P.C., 3555 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, California 92103, 800-817-7777. Prior results do not guarantee or predict a similar outcome with respect to any future matter.

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