Two Micro-Algae’s, Spirulina & Astaxanthin, Have Been Found to Be Powerful Anti-Aging Superfoods

Spirulina and Astaxanthin have been found to be very effective in counteracting the aging process by neutralizing the 2 most common causes of aging, oxidative stress and inflammation.

(I-Newswire) Spirulina and Astaxanthin have recently emerged as the next powerhouse superfoods. These unique micro-algae’s have been shown to host a number of tremendous health benefits for the body and brain, which includes a number of different anti-aging properties. Spirulina and Astaxanthin act as powerful anti-aging superfoods by neutralizing the 2 biggest causes of aging and age related degeneration, which are oxidative stress caused by free radicals and inflammation.

Oxidative stress and inflammation have long been understood to be root causes in aging and bodily degeneration. Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine have found that inflammation is..

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Local Cancer Treatment Center Supports National Cancer Control Month in April

( This month is the National Cancer Control Month, and as such Highlands Oncology Group (HOG), Northwest Arkansas’ premier cancer treatment facility, supports and encourages awareness for cancer control throughout the month and the year.

1,665,540 people will be diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. in 2014, the American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates. However, much of the suffering and death from cancer could be prevented by more systematic efforts to reduce tobacco use, improve diet and physical activity, and expand the use of established screening tests, according to the ACS.

Many peoples risk of ……

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5 Reasons to Hire An Expert For Website Optimization

( Neueseo ( ) is Canada’s most trusted online marketing company. Founded in 2008 as an SEO company, Neueseo has rapidly evolved into a highly-respected, full-service digital marketing agency.
As someone who is serious about making your website a success, chances are good that you have done a lot of research about search engine optimization and are looking to get started with it as soon as possible. You probably already realize that search engine optimization is highly important if you want your website to reach its full potential and if you want to bring in plenty of website ……

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GreenTech Ventures Joins Forces with eZ-Xpo to Launch Regional Innovation Network in West Virginia

eZ-Xpo in partnership with GreenTech Ventures aims to jumpstart local innovation and entrepreneurship in West Virginia with a business expo 2014, "Regional Innovation Cluster Network Ecosystem".

(Press Release Distribution) eZ-Xpo is pleased to announce the first Regional Innovation Network Ecosystem in West Virginia through a strategic partnership with GreenTech Ventures with its first Virtual LaunchPad Expo – "East Meets West" in early June 2014. The business expo 2014 focuses on helping local entrepreneurs connect to expertise and capital in West Virginia with global partners from Silicon Valley and throughout the world.

To kick-off the Regional Innovation Cluster Network in West Virginia, a series of Virtual Forums and Expos from startups and government agencies is scheduled to take place in early June 2014. The event will accelerate..

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Be Smart During Foreclosure

A Smart Commercial Lender Should Never Foreclose Before Entering into a Forbearance Agreement with Its Borrower

(Press Release Service) A smart commercial lender should arguably never foreclose on a commercial property without first entering into a forbearance agreement with his borrower, states Todd Tretsky of CRE Finance ( I’ll explain why in a second.

I just returned from Las Vegas, at Leonard Rosen’s 26th National Hard Money Lending Conference. Leonard always brings in top attorneys to speak on how to become a hard money lender. Even though I have personally owned a hard money lending company, CRE Finance, for more than three decades, I find that I always learn important new things at these conferences. The wise technique that I will now describe was suggested by one of Leonard’s veteran attorney-speakers.

Suppose a commercial borrower falls behind in his payments. He has personally guaranteed the commercial real estate loan, and his wife is terrified that they may soon lose the family home. Husband and wife are losing sleep.

The borrower contacts his commercial lender and begs for help. The unwise lender brushes him off and files a lawsuit to foreclose. The borrower countersues! He claims that the bank’s loan officer promised to increase the borrower’s loan from $ 1 million to $ 1.2….

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Leading Trauma and Abuse Specialist Sheds Light During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

(Press Release Service) In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month, Stephana Johnson, a women’s empowerment coach who specializes in helping her clients with a history of trauma and abuse, especially sexual trauma, is providing a free virtual webinar entitled "5 Powerful Yet Simple Tools To Turn Trouble Into Triumph" on Tuesday April 22, 2014.

One in three women and the six in ten men have been sexually assaulted. "The responses of the body to a traumatic experience, like a sexual assault, can have lasting impact on health for any person at any age. These are deep wounds that are buried just..

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Teeth Whitening Melbourne – Hollywood Smiles Now Available in Melbourne

Melbourne Dentist Clinic now offers Teeth Whitening Melbourne, which delivers brilliant sparking ‘Hollywood’ smiles under an hour.

( Dr Annie Cao from the Melbourne Dentist Clinic now offers Zoom! Teeth Whitening Melbourne. Many of her Melbourne Dentists clients have seen wonderful results from years of tobacco, coffee and other common substances, which often discolour teeth. Many of the patients at Melbourne Dentist Clinic are excited to see the results within an hour using the latest Teeth Whitening methods.

If you have ever wanted a brilliant white, attention-grabbing, perfect "Hollywood" smile? You’re certainly not alone. From a recent study, an estimated two million Australians will spend a massive $ 1.1..

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Dentist Sydney – Emergency Dentist in Sydney, Australia

(Press Release Distribution) Sydney Dentist Clinic now offers an emergency dental service that allows Sydney patients to get the dental care they require immediately with affordable and gentle dentists. Frequently, dental pain and trauma can be some of the most acute pain people will experience and in many instances most types of dental emergencies necessitate immediate care.

In many situations, most dentist appointments have to be scheduled several days in advance with some Dentist Sydney not having any availability to schedule an appointment. However, due to the nature and pain of dental emergencies patients cannot wait in pain. Sydney Dentist Clinic understands that a patient must see a dentist as soon as possible, which is why Sydney Dentist Clinic now specialises in Sydney Emergency Dentists appointments.

Dr Diana Bueno at Sydney Dentist Clinic is insists "that every Sydney patient who suffers from a dental emergency or experiences trauma should visits a Sydney dentists as soon possible. This is why our Sydney dental practice is also open 6 days a week with early and late appointments for patients with busy work and family commitments".

Dr Diana Bueno is proud to….

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Rapper SoLo D Announces the Release of Double Tap Music Video

Miami rapper SoLo D has released the official music video to his increasingly popular club hit, "Double Tap."

(Press Release Distribution) Directed by BJames261 of Angry Monkey Productions, the visuals compliment the bass heavy track offering fans a little more than just lyrics. The "Double Tap" music video is currently available on YouTube at:

"Double Tap" is a timely hip hop/dance-oriented song that fits perfectly into urban music’s present culture. As with many catchy tunes and lyrics that oftentimes become contagious, "Double Tap will be the summer song of 2014," says SoLo D.

Known for his catchy hooks and theme-oriented lyrics, he continues to showcase his ability to create music that is guaranteed to ……

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Binary Matrix Pro Seeks To Expand Platform To Novice Traders

The software every Binary Options trader should get their hands on, Binary Matrix Pro makes it easy for even beginners to get alerts and trade on almost every platform.

(Press Release Service) As Binary Options is becoming highly preferred by traders, more and more individuals are seeking ways to maximize their profits. Savvy traders speak of the most useful tricks to making money through Binary Options trading. The secret most beginners don’t know, however, is that trading one’s way to success is possible with the help of the latest and most advanced tool: Binary Matrix Pro.

Binary Matrix Pro is a desktop-based application that teaches everyone, including the most novice Binary Options traders, how to generate income in the smartest way. Essentially, the application provides the trading signals from the..

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