Workerants Charity Network Honors Farming and World Food Day

Oct 14, 2014


World Food Day is on October 16, 2014.  First celebrated in 1979 in commemoration of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on October 16, 1945, the goal of World Food Day is to end hunger and malnutrition.  This year the theme is Family Farming: Feeding the world, caring for the earth and the goal of everyone celebrating is to raise awareness and make commitments that people will work towards a solution.

The statistics listed on the World Food Day site are staggering.

·         805 million people, one in nine worldwide, live with chronic hunger.

·         60% of the hungry in the world are women.

·         Almost 5 million children under the age of 5 die of malnutrition-related causes every year.

But there is hope.  Already WorkerAnts Philanthropy is making inroads in countries around the world and in its own backyards.  Wokerants Philanthropy just need to keep up the good work, expand where it can, and continue to create awareness of the huge need for easily accessible nutritious food.  To that end a variety of organizations are holding special events for World Food Day. Groups like Oxfam America, Action Against Hunger and of course the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

In honor of World Food Day, is dedicating October to the incredible work people do to create a culture of healthy eating, biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.  They will be exploring examples of non-profit organizations that are not only contributing to these goals, but are also serving the needy in their communities.  These topics will be the focus of a series of articles on the site, tweets, Facebook posts and visits to volunteer organizations.  Their goal is to raise awareness of how agriculture affects you, your community and others in the world.

WorkerAnts is inviting people to join them this month to have an open dialogue, and they have many social networking tools to help aid the conversation. Workerant Users can chat with like-minded activists and concerned citizens from their personal Backyard page or by starting a Colony dedicated to an agriculture topic close to their heart: like nutrition, eating vegan, community farms, etc. Users can also write a review on in support of their favorite urban agriculture organization or suggest charitable organizations to others.

The purpose of this Chaity Network is to connect charities, volunteers and activists.  To create a place where people can collaborate, share best practices, and see hope in the variety of ways people around the world are striving to make this world a better place. They give people a place to be heard.

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New Findings for Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment Offers Promise Based on Research of DM1

Oct 14, 2014


DM1 (tentative name) is extracted from a formula consisting of five kinds of natural plants, able to effectively treat dysfunction caused by Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, and stroke (ischemic and hemorrhagic). Research has shown it has been especially effective to help with Alzheimer’s disease. 

DM1 carries has three major features: The first is fast-acting. In a study,   participants taking this medicine showed corresponding improvement of cognition and other symptoms of dementia patients in 2 – 3 weeks of application. The second feature is increased comprehensive functions through the natural active ingredients, which carry benefits in providing prominent treatment simultaneous effects to the common other syndromes of Alzheimer’s disease, including cognitive ability, behavioral and psychiatric disorders, and sleep disorders. The third feature is its wide scope. Such natural active ingredients also have good therapeutic effects to language and physical dysfunction caused by improving vascular dementia and stroke (including ischemic and hemorrhagic), safe and without any side effect.

It should be noted that such active ingredients of plants that can help treat Alzheimer’s disease was discovered by accident and not through a dedicated research project. Several years ago, Dr. Dokun Mamut used to made a functional food out of several edible plants as raw materials, primarily for regulating blood lipids. At the same time, there was a customer whose father began to show ambiguous language, evident memory loss and other symptoms two years prior. While his family considered them to be part of the normal aging process and the family did not take them seriously. One year later, the symptoms continued to progress and his father lost his self-help ability which was possibly caused due to high blood lipids. 

The customer heard how Dr. Dokun Mamut had developed a functional food that could regulate blood lipids and he gave it to his father for a month. His father’s symptoms improved significantly, with self-help ability partly restored, language clearer, and memory capacity also restored to some extent. Since Dr. Dokun Mamut have never seen this man nor have they received any diagnose by local health agencies, the results condition of the patient had cannot be confirmed. But according to the symptoms, Dr. Dokun Mamut believes this person should be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. 

As a matter of fact, Dr. Dokun Mamut had never thought that this functional food could treat Alzheimer’s disease with such obvious and rapid effects before. Sometime later, someone found Dr. Dokun Mamut and asked Dr. Dokun Mamut to use traditional herbal treatment on his father for Alzheimer’s disease. This patient was a 83-year-old male, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease two years before. He had taken a variety of anti-Alzheimer’s drugs but achieved no significant improvement.

He already showed various typical smptoms of Alzheimer’s disease when Dr. Dokun Mamut started his treatment, such as memory loss for names of family members, delusions of being robbed, visual and auditory hallucinations, aimless behaviors, disorders of circadian rhythm, apathy and other behavioral or psychiatric disorders accompanied with incontinence. Dr. Dokun Mamut gave the liquid formula made through traditional methods from the functional food recipes before to the Alzheimer patient, and closely observed for four weeks.

One week later the visual and auditory hallucinations of the patient disappeared; two weeks later, aimless behaviors, disorders of circadian rhythm and other behavioral and psychiatric disorders were basically cured; three weeks later, his self-help ability achieved certain recovery (able to initiate shaving and face-washing he couldn’t complete by himself before, but still in poor quality), his memory was improved (able to remember the names of his family members he used to forget), no incontinence any more that he could ask to go to the toilet at desire to defecate, and his emotional expression was also recovered (He was indifference to others and showed no respond to greetings before.

But after three weeks of treatment, he was able to respond at other people’s greetings). Dr. Dokun Mamut has been treating and observing this patient for nearly a year now and his condition has stabilized. 

Furthermore, Dr. Dokun Mamut used DM1 to treat another dozen of patients, all moderate and severe patients of Alzheimer’s disease with varied clinical symptoms. They all achieved remarkable results within a short period (approximately four weeks). 

His clinical practice has proved that DM1 consisting of edible plants has significant positive results for those with Alzheimer’s. Although the cases demonstrated above have proved the effectiveness of this prescription to Alzheimer’s disease, they are in lack of systematic and quantitative indicators required by modern medicine.

DM1 Clinical Study

In order to further observe the effects of DM1 on Alzheimer’s disease systematically, Dr. Dokun Mamut and another psychiatrist cooperated in the systematic treatment and observation of 10 patients. As DM1 can significantly improve Alzheimer’s symptoms for almost all patients, they chose patients with severe cognitive impairment accompanied by mental and behavioral abnormalities in addition to sleep disorders, to observe the internationally recognized MMSE, PSQI, and NPI of them for four weeks to conduct evaluation. They also compared the scores before and after the four-week treatment. The results showed that the MMSE scores of the patients increased by ten percent (Higher score means milder cognitive impairment), the NPI scores decreased by fifty percent (Lower score means lighter degree of mental and behavioral abnormalities), and the PSQI scores reduced by fifty percent (Lower score means higher sleep quality). 

“These cases observed have provided the groundwork to indicate that DM1 offer promise as a rapid, significant and comprehensive option for Alzheimer’s disease, especially for vascular dementia stroke (ischemic and hemorrhagic) and sleep apnea syndrome as well according to my observation, said Dr. Dokun Mamut.

“Although DM1 is consisted of mixed ingredients extracted from the recipe of a variety of plants, the active ingredient has been confirmed through our efforts that the therapeutic functions of DM1 to treat senile dementia, vascular dementia, stroke (ischemic and hemorrhagic) and sleep apnea syndrome are all related to this ingredient,” said Dr. Mamut.

In the 21st century today, Alzheimer’s disease is one of the many challenges facing human beings. The consequent extension of human longevity with social progress is bound to constantly increase the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, which will bring tremendous pains and sufferings to patients and their family and also significantly increase the expenses of medical care and social security systems. As the DM1 has shown promising potentials and prospects for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, in-depth research and development will make it able to benefit patients and society as soon as possible. 

About Dr. Dolkun Mamut:

Dr Dolkun Mamut graduated from XinJiang Medical University then he worked at XinJiang Medical University No.5 Affiliated Hospital as doctor who specialized in clinical treatment. On 2001 he started Salamet biopharmaceutical., Ltd. He focus on developing traditional plants extracts and use them to treat diseases, and he held total of six Chinese patents and three PCT, among them are the natural plants extracts which prevent and treat Alzheimer’s diseases and metabolism syndrome.

Contact email:

salamet biopharmaceutical., Ltdnewsroom:

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Joanna Vargas Day Spa Goes Bigger And Redefines Anti-Aging Skincare For Summer

(Press Release Service) "Vargas’s skin-care approach is similarly holistic, using all-organic products, antioxidant-spiked serums, and a stream of pure oxygen… Her lotions felt whisper-weight and silky, not thick or sticky, afterward, our skin was calm, clear, and healthy-looking."-Allure

Joanna Vargas Skin Care Sanctuary on Manhattan’s prestigious Fifth Avenue redefines summer skincare in a new elegant haven with an expansive view of Bryant Park. According to the New York Times Vargas leads the aesthetics industry as a "high-profile facialist" with cutting-edge technology for reversing the signs of aging that has attracted a noteworthy celebrity crowd.

At the same ……

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Surfers Century Oceanside Apartments Awarded 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

( Surfers Century Oceanside Apartments is proud to announce that it has recently received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence 2014 award. The accolade, which honours hospitality excellence, is given only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveller reviews on TripAdvisor, and is extended to qualifying businesses worldwide.

Surfers Century Oceanside Apartments, located less than a block from the beach on Enderley Avenue in the heart of Surfers Paradise, features self-contained holiday apartments with resort-style facilities. The Gold Coast holiday rental is consistently given excellent marks on TripAdvisor, adding up to a ranking of no. 3 among 90 specialty lodging choices in Surfers Paradise.

When selecting Certificate of Excellence winners, TripAdvisor uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the honorees that takes into account reviews ratings. Businesses must maintain an overall TripAdvisor bubble rating of at least four out of five, volume and recency of reviews. Additional criteria include tenure and popularity ranking on the site.

"Winning the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is a true source of pride for Surfers Century, and we’d like to thank all of our past guests who took the time to complete a review on TripAdvisor," said Ian Dennis, manager….

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Petersburg Sport Fishing Announces Addition of Self-Guided Boat to Fleet

Petersburg Sport Fishing has added a new Self-Guided Boat to their fleet of fishing boats available for charter. The addition of this service allows fisher people to catch more fish as a self-guided than guided charter.

(Press Release Service) Petersburg Sport Fishing has added a new Self-Guided Boat to their fleet of fishing boats available for charter. The addition of this service allows fisher people to catch more fish as a self-guided than guided charter.

Situated deep inside the Tongass National Rain Forest, guests can experience unmatched beauty, unparalleled sea life, crystal blue glaciers and exceptional fishing. Some of the fish that can be caught locally are salmon, halibut, cod, rainbow and cutthroat trout through Petersburg Sport Fishing’s packages.

Petersburg itself is an interesting place for an adventure. Also known as "Little Norway,"..

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Monitronics Earns PDQ Award for False Alarm Reduction Strategies

Monitronics was honored to accept the 2013 Annual Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award from the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) and the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) at the Electronic Security Expo’s 2014 Icebreaker Luncheon.

(Press Release Distribution) Monitronics was honored to accept the 2013 Annual Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award from the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) and the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) at the Electronic Security Expo’s 2014 Icebreaker Luncheon held on June 24, 2014 at The Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Co-sponsored by Honeywell Security, Security Sales & Integration Magazine, and the Installation Quality (IQ) Certification Program, the award recognizes one security company each year that best demonstrates proactive and innovative false alarm reduction strategies while building positive and beneficial partnerships with..

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Soulmate & Co. Expands Beauty and Facial Care Collection with Snail Mask and Caviar Mask

The latest skin care essentials are specially formulated with the snail provide anti-aging benefits for a clearer, more natural and flawless look.

( Soulmate & Co., a leading manufacturer of essential skin and beauty products in London, announces the newest additions to its growing product lines: the Rome Snail Essence and the Caviar Essence of Iran Sea whitening masks.

The Snail Essence Whitening Silk Mask contains the Rome snail essence extract with the natural abundance of collagen, vitamins, aloe and other traditional whitening ingredients. The Caviar Essence of Iran Sea from Soulmate & Co. is considered the "miraculous mask" that contains deep sea caviar essence extracted from the Iran Black Sea. Naturally rich in fatty acids, the products have content extractions made even more powerful through unique beauty technologies and processes that Soulmate & Co. is known for.

"We make products that not only adhere to scientific research, but consistent with our firm enterprise belief and pursuit for excellence," said the team behind Soulmate & Co. "Every new launched products by Soulmate & Co have been respected by the masses and society," the emphasized.

The newest additions to the Soulmate & Co. London product lines are elastic silk texture masks that enable the skin to absorb high-quality nutritional essence better to reduce the appearance of….

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Established Training Firm Boosts Its Online Profile to Unlock Enhanced Fire Safety for UK Workplaces

(Press Release Distribution) A national fire safety training provider has enhanced online user experience thanks to its recently launched, new look website.

Based in Coventry, the company is the only training provider in the UK to deliver fire safety programs in accordance with the DSAT (Defence System Approach to Training) model. The transformation of is just one step Workplace Fire and Safety Training Ltd. (WFST) has taken to enhance its service to new and existing clients.

Redesigned by G7 Design and marketed by Newcastle-based agency Onit Solutions, WFST’s website now provides an extensive guide to their..

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Private Company Index Compares 15 Years of Dow Jones Stock to Revenue Performance.

The Private Company Index (PCI) has tracked the revenue performance of private businesses for nearly a decade. Today the PCI released its research which compares 15 years of the Dow Industrial Index’s company’s Revenue Performance to Stock Price.

( The Private Company Index, founded by Entrex in 2006, released its 15 year study today comparing the Dow Jones Industrial Stock Price to the Dow Jones "Top Line" revenue performance.

"The study shows a fascinating and remarkable meeting of revenue performance and stock price today: unseen over the past 15 years." said Stephen H. Watkins CEO of the Private Company Index.

"Historically we’ve always seen the Dow Jones Industrials’ stock price, investor sentiment if you will, so disparate from the Dow Industrials revenue performance. Today’s connection seems to imply the ……

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NY Lease Currently Offering Summer Zero Down Package For Car Leases is home to a world of car makes and models for lease at very reasonable rates and on a hassle-free process.

(Press Release Service) The idea of owning a vehicle has become much more of a challenge. With the economy still in a struggle, more and more people are turning to car leasing services in order to meet their needs without the necessary extra spending when buying a car. offers a wide range of the latest car leasing deals that allow customers to avoid the pitfalls of car ownership while enjoying the ride of their choice. Featuring its $ 0 down lease specials, the company carries a variety of makes and models including Audi, Acura, Lexus, Nissan, Honda, Jeep, Toyota..

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