Reverse Phone Lookup Blog Highlights Process and Purpose of Phone Search Service

Feb 7, 2015


Phone Lookup Online, a blog that focuses on reverse lookup, gives individuals a peek into the service that will prove invaluable for many reasons. Ultimately, for people who need to know about an otherwise anonymous phone number, the reverse phone lookup service can ultimately offer safety and peace of mind.

The site talks in detail about a reverse number search often being the most sensible course of action for identifying an unknown caller or number on a phone bill, tracking down someone who is making harassing phone calls, verifying an address, or locating old friends. discusses that while there are absolutely free reverse phone lookup services, they offer limited information such as the name and state of the individual. Paid services, on the other hand, can help generate better results as required by anyone trying to look closely into the information.

In its review, features the Reverse Phone Detective lookup service that offers the full name of the person that owns the phone; the address of the phone number’s owner and any previous registration addresses of the phone; the phone carrier; the location in which the phone was issued; and whether the number is a land or mobile number.

“You will be also be able to search for other information through the database,” according to Phone Lookup Online, “[including] people searches and you will even be able to look forward to a rather good discount on carrying out a criminal background check.”

Discussing in detail the many reverse phone services in Australia, Canada, UK and the United States, promotes the technique of the service to get the right information and ensure safety both in personal and business matters.

To find out more about reverse phone lookup service, how it works, why it matters and what the best service provider is, please visit for information.

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Big City Animals™ Launches Children’s Interactive, Educational Travel Story Apps

Feb 6, 2015


West Hempstead, New York.  Parents, grandparents, and all the special adults who are involved in a child’s world need a way to entice and engage their children into learning-oriented reading activities—and now they have a solution.  Big City Animals™ promotes children’s literacy through a unique approach to interactive storytelling, utilizing city-centric characters that take kids on educational travel adventures.  Each storybook is built around a city’s special highlights.  The main character is a local “City Ambassador” (e.g. Boston Bernie the cat) who officially leads them throughout the city while on some type of quest; with no in-app purchasing or 3rd-party advertising.

“Boston Bernie Snaps the City” is the first in a series of educational storybook apps.  Boston Bernie will take your child on a tour of Boston while on a quest to take the best photos for his school project.  He meanders through Fenway Park, Franklin Park Zoo, the Children’s Museum, Boston Tea Party Ship, and Bunker Hill Monument. “Boston Bernie Snaps the City” can be purchased for the iPad on iTunes at and for the Kindle on Amazon’s app store.

About Big City Animals

Big City Animals was founded in 2014 by Lisa Chipetine, a technology consultant who has traveled the world.  The Big City Animals™  children’s interactive, educational travel apps provide a unique opportunity for a parent, grandparent, or any adult to bond with their child by creating “conversation starters” derived from the city’s highlights, such as landmarks and attractions.  These city highlights, through touch technology, contain pop-ups that provide additional information, either historical or fun facts.  Kids will learn vocabulary, geography, and history all in one app.  The apps provide read-to-me or read-to-myself options, and, as an added bonus, every Big City Animals™ app ends with the “Big City Animals™ Sing-Along Theme Song” which provides kids with an extra bit of quality musical entertainment.  The “Boston Bernie Snaps the City” app officially launches the Big City Animal’s brand on the iTunes and Amazon marketplaces.

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Everything You Know About Lawyer Selection is Wrong: Big Data Analyzes Litigation – Moneyball for Law?

Feb 5, 2015


The Brad Pitt film, Moneyball, portrays Billy Beane baseball team manager of the Oakland A’s struggling against accepted dogma in player selection. Beane’s insight was to use already available player data to pick athletes. This flew in the face of accepted conventional wisdom in the game. Talent scouts prided themselves on their “eye” for talent, choosing drafts by gut feel, pitching and batting style, even factors such as their demeanor off the field and the attractiveness of their wives and girlfriends. Despite a rocky start, strongly opposed by the A’s talent scouts, Beane put together a team that went down in baseball history. Derided, The Oakland A’s put together a roster of players believed to be lacking in talent, past their prime or unusable. Not only did the team prove itself by results, they were assembled with one of the lowest budgets in the sport. Win rates were not correlated with salary rates, Hon. Toby Unwin writes in International In-House Counsel Journal.

Lawyer selection is much like the bad old days of baseball player selection, contends Premonition LLC., a Florida based Artificial Intelligence company targeting the legal industry. Premonition claims to know which attorneys usually win before which judges. People pick attorneys based on recommendations from friends, online reviews, because they’re friends, friends of friends, went to a particular law school, have nice offices, work for a renowned firm, an advertisement, they found them in the phone book, etc. Many publications run “Top Lawyer” lists, people who are recognized by their peers as being “the best”. Premonition analyzed the win rates of these attorneys, it turned out most were average. The only way that they stood out was a disproportionate number of appealed and re-opened cases, i.e. they were good at dragging out litigation. They discovered that even the law firms themselves were poor at picking litigators. In a study of the United Kingdom Court of Appeals, it found a slight negative correlation of -0.1 between win rates and re-hiring rates, i.e. a barrister 20% better than their peers was actually 2% less likely to be re-hired!

If generally accepted methods for choosing a lawyer don’t work, what does? “Win Rate”, says Toby Unwin, inventor and Co-founder of the Premonition system. “The only item that affects the likely outcome of a case is the attorney’s prior win rate, preferably for that case type before that judge”. Wins and losses have traditionally not been tracked in law, perhaps being seen by the profession as a bit tawdry. “Attorneys don’t know their own statistics, nor do firms they work for. The only thing that gets tracked in law is hours and fees.” Unwin explains. Premonition was formed 2014 and expected to find a fertile market for their services amongst the big law firms. They found little appetite and much opposition. “In retrospect it was a stupid idea.” confides Premonition CEO and Co-Founder, Guy Kurlandski. “It was like interviewing cows, asking them what they thought of McDonalds. You don’t ask the candlemakers what they think about light bulbs.”

Despite being public record, court data is surprisingly inaccessible in bulk, nor is there a unified system to access it, outside of the Federal Courts. Clerks of courts refused Premonition requests for case data. Resolved to go about it the hard way, Unwin, wrote a web crawler to mine courthouse web sites for the data, read it, then analyze it in a database. Unwin founded NetSearch, one of the most profitable internet businesses in Europe in 1998, selling it a year later at a $ 160M valuation. Additional courts would be painstakingly re-coded by hand, each new source taking a week +. “It was the wrong approach. We had thousands of court to cover and it just wouldn’t scale. Then we developed an Artificial Intelligence based system that could actually learn how to crawl a court house. Now each new one takes an hour.”. 

Win Rates: Having downloaded 100’000’s of cases, Premonition set about the huge task of teaching the Artificial Intelligence system to read the cases. Like a child, the system learned slowly at first, but rapidly gained in speed and accuracy. The system downloads new cases in real time, as they are filed. It analyzes them, then can create complex tables, mining overall win rates, differences from judge to judge looking for specialists in varying case types. Most of all, it looks for outliers, litigators with long strings of unbroken wins before particular judges. “Every judge has favorites.”

Premonition in action: Kurlandski recounted the story of a paralysis case on the verge of trial for a very nervous insurance client. Premonition downloaded 15,000 cases, 3 years worth of civil actions in the Reno, Nevada Courthouse. The system found an attorney with 22 straight wins before the judge – the next person down was 7. A bit of checking revealed the lawyer was actually a criminal defense specialist who operated out of a strip mall and devoted most of his Web site to his “advocacy for a particular lifestyle”. The lawyer had little reason to be before a civil Judge, let alone so often and with such a stratospheric win rate. Premonition advised he be hired as co- counsel. The case settled within weeks. The firm claims such outliers are far from rare. Their web site, shows an example of an attorney with 32 straight wins before a judge in Orange County, Florida. The attorney, an Associate at a major national law firm, has a higher win rate than the Partners at his office. 

Fees: “In law you don’t always get what you pay for”, Kurlandski claims. The firm found no correlation between win rate and billing rate. While there are undoubtedly highly paid top performers amongst the big firms, the majority of the most successful Counsel in each court is found amongst small firms and solo practitioners that Premonition refers to as “Strip mall superstars”. The legal marketplace is broken. Significant opportunities for “Perception Reality Arbitrage” and Premonition is the only company to know each litigator’s true worth. He continues “Law has long been seen as a Geffen Good, an economics term whereby the more a consumer pays for something, the better it is perceived to be”. 

Case duration: Win rates aren’t the only metric Premonition tracks. “Many attorneys are notorious clock runners. They’ve got away with, because there’s been no transparency.” Unwin says. “Clients will often short-sightedly focus on an attorneys’ hourly rate. You need to look at your total spend: hourly rate x length of case + losses”. Over a portfolio of cases, these savings can be significant. Premonition can fine tune individual litigators cherry-picked for each case, or pick a better panel for the firms not willing to take the plunge into selecting new litigators every time. The firm claims attorney selection has a 30.70% effect on case success. “There’s the facts, the law and the people.” says Kurlandski. 

Analyzing big firms: Premonition recently completed a study of the major law firms. Targeting the Miami 11th Circuit Court, one of the busiest in the nation, they looked at data from 2010-October 2014, over 100,000 civil cases. Restricting the survey to just the 20 largest law firms by Attorney count in Florida then were able to extrapolate the first ever ranking of Big Law by their results. The insights were startling: 

Firm choice matters: Firm success rates ranged from 93.51% for a specialist insurance defense firm to 0% for a firm reputed to be “legal surgeons”. They had only 4 cases in the system for that court during the period analyzed, only 2 had been concluded and they lost them both. A couple of Statewide firms posted respectable 64.67% and 64.38% win rates, but 3 National firms scraped in at 37.93%,, 33.93% and 27.78%. Why do GC’s hire these firms that lose 3 out of 4 times they go to court? “They don’t know. No one keeps score”.

Individual Attorney choice matters more: Success rates are not consistent within firms, they vary from office to office. Unwin showed a Statewide firm that did a lot of litigation in Miami with a good 64.67% win rate but did relatively little in Orlando at a win rate that averaged 50%. Premonition showed the stats for the a big firm in Miami. It had a 58.31% average win rate for that office. The bulk of the data came from just one litigator who was responsible for 35.42% of their cases, handling 243 for that period. His win rate was 62.14%, and it strongly affected the average for the firm. There were 2 100% win rate attorneys with 4 and 5 straight wins, but worryingly also one with 0% and 17 straight losses whose chart mark nestled next to a 3.45% win rate.

One lawyer had 28 losses out of 29 appearances. “It’s often a lottery who you get assigned to in these firms”. “If a GC feels they have  a strong relationship with their existing firm that they could never leave, they should, at least, pick a results-based panel from within that firm, not just accept the first person offered, or insist blindly on a Senior Partner in the hope they are hiring quality.” 

There are few Top 20 performers among the Big Firms: There is usually one representative from the top firms before each judge, occasionally two. However many judges have no Big Law top performers before them. It became very clear that the majority of top performers were in small firms or solo practitioners. Should companies just hire from the small firms? “No. You see that just because there are more solo and small firm attorneys than those employed at the big firms. Win rate isn’t correlated with firm size”, Unwin says. 

To read more please visit

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The Feminine Mystic Retreat Will Be A Womens Magical And Healing Journey | Encinitas

Feb 5, 2015


Feminine Mystic Retreat with sisters Flossie Park and Trisha Park Kelly, and Vijaya Stern, March 19th through March 22nd,  9:00 am - 9:00 pm, Encinitas, CA, 760.943.7685, $ 500 includes 2 healthy vegetarian meals and snacks daily. Register Now

It’s time for women to awaken  the sleeping Feminine Mystic to release the past and reclaim their power.

What to expect:

Connection to ones self and each otherYoga & movementAwareness of how the Divine Feminine operates in each womanPushing out of our comfort zone in a supported wayLaughter & scrumptious chocolate meditations

The Feminine Mystic Retreat is an intimate gathering of women for the purpose of answering Divine Mother’s call…

Location: The original site of the Soul of Yoga… Trisha’s home in Encinitas, but women get to go home and sleep in their own bed.

To keep the vibration and the connection high between the group of women, their Spirits and each other,  the limit on enrollment will be 18 souls…so women will want to reserve their spot right away. 

Date: March 19-22, 2015

Thursday 6-9PM
Friday 9AM-9PM
Saturday 9AM-9PM
Sunday 9AM-3PM

It’s time to listen to the call…

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Gilded Cells sponsors Michael Costello at New York Fashion Week 2015

Feb 3, 2015


The San Francisco based pharmaceutical company, Gilded Cells, will be launching its Generation One line of anti-aging skin care technology at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week in New York City.

Gilded Cells was born from a group of scientists at the California Institute of Quantitative Biosciences (qb3) in San Francisco, California, USA. Gilded Cells is dedicated to understanding the cellular mechanisms of aging in the skin and developing novel biotechnologies to help stop and reverse these cellular aging processes.  Generation One, the first set of products in the Gilded Cells pipeline, is a series of cosmeceutical grade formulations straight to market that introduces Gilded Cells’ innovative biotechnology to the consumer. 

Gilded Cells also actively supports designers, scientists, artists and musicians around the globe.  Gilded Cells has partnered with key collaborators to expand the brand globally and to enable Gilded Cells to sponsor and support artists by providing them with an international platform to share their works and their vision. This year Gilded Cells will be sponsoring renowned designer, Michael Costello, at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.    In addition to sponsoring Costello’s vision for his line, Gilded Cells will be providing custom gift bags at the show, which include the four formulations of Generation One line to all attendees of the Costello show. 

Gilded Cells will also provide on their Inside GC platform on their webpage exclusive behind the scenes coverage of the Costello showroom, the fashion show in New York City and will provide the first 50 Gilded Cells subscribers their own New York Fashion Week Gilded Cells gift bag.   Following New York Fashion Week, Gilded Cells will be auctioning off a custom Michael Costello gown, autographed by the designer, for charity.  

For additional information, visit feel free to contact Gilded Cells directly at

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Signature Bank of Georgia’s Melanie Brown Selected for NAGGL

Feb 2, 2015


Melanie Brown, managing director of Signature Bank of Georgia’s SBA lending,  has been selected to serve on the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (NAGGL) small bank loan committee for 2015.

“It’s an honor to for me to contribute and play a role in all the good things NAGGL does for small businesses across the country and in our region,” Brown said.

NAGGL has been growing the SBA lending industry, America’s small business sector, for more than 30 years. Its membership provides forward-thinking leadership for the SBA 7(a) Loan Program, which is designed to help startup and existing small businesses with financing guaranteed for a variety of business purposes. SBA does not make loans itself, but rather guarantees loans made by participating lending institutions, like Signature Bank of Georgia.

“NAGGL relies on our committee to act as the eyes and ears across the country to provide input and updates to the association about key issues and other strategic matters that may affect our borrowers in future,” Brown said.

Signature Bank’s SBA lending team brings more than 70 years of combined experience to the table, along with a strong emphasis on personalized service. The bank’s dedicated website,, is a “one-stop shop” for SBA loans and helps businesses take advantage of the bank’s Preferred Lender status. For more information on any type of SBA loan, contact Melanie Brown at 404-256-7725.

About Signature Bank of Georgia

Signature Bank of Georgia is celebrating its tenth anniversary as the only locally owned community bank headquartered in Sandy Springs. The bank is located at 6065 Roswell Road, between Hammond and Hilderbrand drives. For more information, visit the bank’s website at

Member FDIC l Equal Housing Lender

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Broogs, a Multi-purpose Smart Lamp That Doubles as a Lantern, Audio Speaker, Mobile Notification Center and More

Feb 1, 2015


Traditional lamps usually offer one function, brightening up your room. But in today’s world, the need for devices that are multi-functional, especially in the “smart” realm or Internet of Things, is ever increasing. A lot of thought was put into the design for Broogs to meet the needs of the modern user.  

There are other “smart” lighting options out there like smart bulbs, but the overall devices they come in usually lacks in features. Broogs isn’t a smart lamp simply because the color of the LEDs can be changed to any of nearly 16 million colors. When connected it a device via Bluetooth, a variety of extra features become available, like streaming audio, alarms, and push notifications (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). When you receive a phone call or text, the lamp provides audio notification as well as visual notification via the lantern.

The lamp comes in two pieces, each consisting of its own unique functions. The lamp base comes with touch controls for brightness/on-off, USB ports for charging, a Bluetooth speaker, and houses the LED lantern. The lantern (bulb) part that sits in the base can be removed and carried around in the dark. The lantern also features USB ports that allow device charging via USB as well.

Since the base also comes with built-in USB ports, additional wall chargers that take up outlet space are no longer needed either. At the base of the lamp sits a downward facing high-quality Bluetooth speaker. The position of the speaker, which sits slightly above the surface of wherever the lamp is placed, provides better acoustics by reflecting audio against the surface and spreading it around the room.

The most important thing, even if there is a sudden power outage at home, the removable lantern at the top of the lamp can provide about 3-4 hours of light and can be carried around. The lantern portion of the lamp can also charge smart devices via USB until the power comes back on during those emergency situations.

The functionality does not reside all in the lamp however. The associated mobile app is what drives the features for Broogs and as the app gets updated, the functionality of the lamp will also get updated for future app integration.

Keep an eye out for their Kickstarter campaign expected to launch early February, 2015.

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New Format for ACT and SAT College Tests to be Effective This Year

Jan 30, 2015


In 2015, takers of the SAT and ACT college admission exams will have to be studying for, and be answering, types of questions that differ greatly from the present format of the tests.

The SAT and the ACT, which are deemed effective measures for college success, will be essentially overhauled and digitalized, respectively, as the U.S. College Board puts it.

David Coleman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization pushing for high-quality college education, explains to the New York Times that the SAT is slated to be rewritten to enable high school students apply classroom learning as their readiness for college is being assessed. ACT exam takers, on the on the hand, will find themselves dealing with “more creative, hands-on questions.” Changes include both in the Math and English sections.

As the SAT and ACT are about to undergo changes, Successful Education Solutions offers the essential guide and support. SES coaches families and students through preparing for SAT/ACT, as well as in the entire college process of selecting the correct college, performing career searches, and maximizing financial aid potential.

“Student can still increase their scores by understanding and learning strategies for both the Math and English sections,” said Jeffrey Sonnergren, Founder and President of Successful Education Solutions. “We’ve been helping hundreds of students boost their test scores,” he continued.

Since 2006, SES has been providing college education planning and consulting services for families in the greater Hudson Valley and across the United States. In helping incoming college students tackle ACT and SAT testing and the planned exam modifications, SES conducts free seminars to give critical information that helps families save thousands of dollars.

“For parents worried about how to pay for the high costs of college, we have free local seminars available,” said Jeffrey Sonnergren, Founder and President of Successful Education Solutions. “We recently had two seminars last month at the Katonah and Village Public Library, he added.

The team of college preparation experts behind SES understands that attending college is not exactly an easy journey for most students and their parents. Through the free seminars conducted, SES is able to equip families with late-breaking information on education financing and planning.

To find out more about the Successful Education Solutions services, please visit for information.

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Swannanoa Carpet City Earns Award

Jan 30, 2015


“Only about 5 percent of the floor covering companies in Asheville and the surrounding Western North Carolina area has performed so consistently well enough to earn our Super Service Award,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “It’s a really high standard.”

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2014 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade, and review period grade; the company must be in good standing with Angie’s List, pass a background check and abide by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

Service company ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in areas ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality. Members can find the 2014 Super Service Certification logo next to company names in search results on


Angie’s List helps facilitate happy transactions between nearly 3 million consumers nationwide and its collection of highly-rated service providers in 720 categories of service, ranging from home improvement to health care. Built on a foundation of authentic reviews of local service, Angie’s List connects consumers directly to its online marketplace of services from member-reviewed providers, and offers unique tools and support designed to improve the local service experience for both consumers and service professionals.

CONTACT:  Cheryl Reed, 317-396-9134,

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Creative Circus Founder Norm Grey Inducted into Advertising Hall of Fame

Jan 28, 2015


Norm Grey, the founder of The Creative Circus, has been elected to The One Club’s Educator Hall of Fame.

Grey is now the Executive Creative Director of the Creative Circus, one of the most reputable and effective advertising portfolio schools in the United States.  Mr. Grey has worked in the industry as a designer/art director, a copywriter, a creative director, an executive creative director and an agency owner, working on brands such as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Lincoln-Mercury and Bristol-Myers.  In 1995, he and a group of other advertising industry professionals started the Creative Circus to help others break into advertising.

“It’s a fantastic honor,” Grey said. “I’m very happy that the induction is specifically as an educator. That’s because ‘real world’ professionals face an awful lot of difficulties that students and especially their teachers can easily avoid.”

The Creative Hall of Fame was first established in 1961 with the induction of Leo Burnett.  At that time it was named the Copywriters Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Copy Club of New York.  In 2012, the One Club held the inaugural Educator’s Hall of Fame, honoring educators who have created a legacy and fostered the next generation of creative talent. Rob Lawton, also of the Creative Circus, and Richard Wilde were the first two inductees, and Norm joined this esteemed group.

The Creative Hall of Fame ceremony will be held in the opulent grand ballroom of Gotham Hall in Manhattan on Friday, January 30th. 

About the Creative Circus: The CREATIVE CIRCUS is an advertising and design portfolio school located in Atlanta, Georgia and is a top provider of creative talent to advertising and interactive agencies, design shops, and the communications industry both nationally and overseas. The school’s two year curriculum mirrors real-world agency experience incorporating design, interactive development, photography, copy writing and art direction. The CREATIVE CIRCUS challenges the definition and development of design and creative solutions. For more information, call 1-866-407-0296 or visit

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