Flood USA Begins Offering Emergency Water Damage Services To The Huntington Beach Area

(Press Release Service) Water damage can be a very serious problem for residential homes and businesses. Stagnant water pools and deteriorates the surfaces of the building in a manner of days. Toxic flood water can make residents sick and is dangerous to handle. In situations like this it’s vital that action is taken immediately. Flood USA is an emergency response company that focuses on treating flood damage and preventing the growth of mold and mildew. On site in as little as 30 minutes, Flood USA can treat the problem before serious issues occur.

Flood USA is now offering their services to the Huntington Beach area. This emergency water damage service is designed to quickly and effectively treat the damage from flooding before it causes issues like wood rot, molding and mildew growth. They begin their assessment of the damage using industry-leading inspection tools. After the initial inspection the team begins water removal using water extraction tools. A combination of dehumidifiers and air movers are used to finish the drying process. When the team is satisfied that the environment is completely dry they sanitize and deodorize the environment to finish the job.

With a team of specialists….

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EzPaycheck Software Offers Employee & Contractor Pay Rates And Offers Multiple Account Capability

Ezpaycheck payroll software 2014 version just released for construction and housing businesses with updated features for ease of use. Visit www.halfpricesoft.com for the no cost download.

(i-newswire.com) Small business payroll software ezPaycheck from halfpricesoft.com adds the new features to help employers processing the paychecks for contractors and employees easily. The new version can handle the differential rates for same employee within the pay period easily and inexpensively. Customer’s new to business ownership or just new to paycheck processing will find this innovative payroll software as a simple solution to paying staff in house!

Priced at $ 89 per year, ezPaycheck is easy-to-use and affordable. Customers seeking a way to simplify payroll processing with more accuracy can go online to http://www.halfpricesoft.com/payroll_software_download.asp and download ……

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Stafford Offers The University of Essex Online MBA in HR

(i-newswire.com) Stafford is now offering The University of Essex Online MBA in the specialisation of Human Resources. A resource centre of several UK universities in the Middle East and Levant, Stafford has provided an opportunity to professionals to join a world-class programme that would enable them to pursue a rewarding career as an HR professional.

The course is an advanced qualification designed for students who desire to build on their business expertise and embark on new career progression opportunities. They enhance skills in key areas, including the management of people, organisational systems, interviews, appraisals, etc. Getting to network with people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds keeps them in good stead as well.

The MBA is equal to a total of 180 credits at Level 7. The modules are Management: Principles and Practices; Leadership, Management and Development; Human Resource Management; Leadership in Practice; Human Resource Management in Context; Strategic Management, Research Methods; an Optional Module and the final Management Project. The MBA programme has been designed keeping a busy working schedule in mind.

The online MBA programme utilises Kaplan Open Learning, a Virtual Learning Environment providing students with immediate access to study….

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Slalom Consulting Brings Jobs to Houston

(I-Newswire) Slalom Consulting has expanded its presence in Texas by opening a new office in Houston and selecting Texas native Jeff Williams as General Manager. Slalom is a national firm that hires top local talent in each of the 14 North American cities where it does business.

Recruitment and community involvement are top of mind for Williams as he plans to hire the best and brightest talent in Houston. "The consulting industry is known for its road warriors; at Slalom, we’re known for our people." Williams says. "Our ‘no unwanted travel’ policy ensures that our team members can ……

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“My Rio Travel Guide” Introduces Travelers To The Splendors Of Rio De Janeiro

For anyone preparing a trip to Rio de Janeiro, the just officially released "My Rio Travel Guide" from Madson Araujo, a local tour guide, is a comprehensive guidebook to the sites, sounds and sizzle of Rio.

(i-newswire.com) The 112-page book is designed to offer "everything a traveler needs to know about visiting Rio de Janeiro," from safe travel to the best hotels, from bike tours to outdoor recreation and more. The up-to-date Rio de Janeiro travel guide ebook can now be downloaded online.

"Rio de Janeiro is a city unlike any other in the world, which is why anyone who visits this vibrant city will fall in love with everything they see and experience here," said Araujo. "After serving as a tour guide for 10 years, I wanted to share the best and brightest..

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New Specialist in Pre-natal Massage at Body Mechanics

(I-Newswire) Body Mechanics NYC is proud to announce another new therapist to their grown staff of experts. Ruby Pandig is the newest addition to the Body Mechanics team. At Body Mechanics NYC, therapists are hired for their expertise in their specific field- Ruby brings her expertise in pre-natal massage to the clinic.

Ruby was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. Her initial interest in the human body began in a figure drawing class in art school as she took notice to the body’s form and movements. In her first career, Ruby worked with the human..

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Local Oncologist Releases New Research on Targeted Cancer Treatment

Highlands Oncology Group Physician Has Published New Research on Lung Cancer Treatment in Medical Journal

(Press Release Service) Dr. J. Thaddeus Beck, of Highlands Oncology Group (HOG), has been published for collaborative research done on targeted lung cancer treatment in Cancer Treatment Reviews.

The research focuses on an emerging treatment option for squamous cell lung carcinoma.

With lung cancer being the leading cause of cancer death, among both men and women, research on the treatment of lung cancer is vastly important.

Approximately 6.9 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with lung and bronchus cancer at some point during their lifetime, based on 2008-2010 data, according to the National..

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Flipping Houses Not as Easy as TV Makes It

Before you quit your day job, understand that it is not as easy as it looks.

(Press Release Service) You come home from a long day at work and while channel surfing, you come across a show in which guys are buying run-down houses, fixing them up and reselling them for huge profits before the first mortgage payment is due.

Wow. What’s more, they claim they make as much money on this one house as you have in the last year.

They don’t look or sound any smarter than you are and they’re raking in the cash. You start crunching numbers and before you know it, you’re thinking about a career change.

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Elbert Construction Sustainability Efforts Featured in Roofing Contractor Magazine

(Press Release Service) TJ Elbert, Owner of Elbert Construction has been featured on the cover of Roofing Contractor Magazine’s April 2014 issue on recycling and sustainability in the roofing business.

Roofing Contractor, the premier publication of the roofing industry, asked contractors from various parts of the country who have successfully implemented recycling programs to share their insights and experiences at the Recycling Round Table, an event held at the Wigwam Resort in Phoenix. The event allowed these peers to discuss their successes, ongoing challenges and plans for the future when it comes to recycling.


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Bhutan Happiness Cultural Tour with Thimphu Festival – Where Legend and History Are the Same

Bhutan Swallowtail Travels, a local Bhutan tour operator launches ‘Thimphu Festival with Happiness Bhutan Cultural Tour’ as their signature tour package for the coming season.

(Press Release Service) Bhutan Swallowtail Travels launches their exclusive Happiness Cultural Tour Package with the Thimphu Tshechu/Festival as the highlight of the tour.

Tshechus are colorful festivals celebrated in the huge courtyards of the mighty fortresses called the Dzongs and comprises of masked dances and traditional songs and dances. The Tshechus are religious events celebrated on the tenth day of the lunar calendar corresponding to the birthday of Guru Padmasambhava, the patron saint who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan in the 8th Century. The masked dances often play out incidences and events of Guru’s life as he subdued demons and evil ……

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