Teeth Whitening Melbourne – Hollywood Smiles Now Available in Melbourne

Melbourne Dentist Clinic now offers Teeth Whitening Melbourne, which delivers brilliant sparking ‘Hollywood’ smiles under an hour.

(i-newswire.com) Dr Annie Cao from the Melbourne Dentist Clinic now offers Zoom! Teeth Whitening Melbourne. Many of her Melbourne Dentists clients have seen wonderful results from years of tobacco, coffee and other common substances, which often discolour teeth. Many of the patients at Melbourne Dentist Clinic are excited to see the results within an hour using the latest Teeth Whitening methods.

If you have ever wanted a brilliant white, attention-grabbing, perfect "Hollywood" smile? You’re certainly not alone. From a recent study, an estimated two million Australians will spend a massive $ 1.1..

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Dentist Sydney – Emergency Dentist in Sydney, Australia

(Press Release Distribution) Sydney Dentist Clinic now offers an emergency dental service that allows Sydney patients to get the dental care they require immediately with affordable and gentle dentists. Frequently, dental pain and trauma can be some of the most acute pain people will experience and in many instances most types of dental emergencies necessitate immediate care.

In many situations, most dentist appointments have to be scheduled several days in advance with some Dentist Sydney not having any availability to schedule an appointment. However, due to the nature and pain of dental emergencies patients cannot wait in pain. Sydney Dentist Clinic understands that a patient must see a dentist as soon as possible, which is why Sydney Dentist Clinic now specialises in Sydney Emergency Dentists appointments.

Dr Diana Bueno at Sydney Dentist Clinic is insists "that every Sydney patient who suffers from a dental emergency or experiences trauma should visits a Sydney dentists as soon possible. This is why our Sydney dental practice is also open 6 days a week with early and late appointments for patients with busy work and family commitments".

Dr Diana Bueno is proud to….

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Rapper SoLo D Announces the Release of Double Tap Music Video

Miami rapper SoLo D has released the official music video to his increasingly popular club hit, "Double Tap."

(Press Release Distribution) Directed by BJames261 of Angry Monkey Productions, the visuals compliment the bass heavy track offering fans a little more than just lyrics. The "Double Tap" music video is currently available on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/pRfUNvLxAf4

"Double Tap" is a timely hip hop/dance-oriented song that fits perfectly into urban music’s present culture. As with many catchy tunes and lyrics that oftentimes become contagious, "Double Tap will be the summer song of 2014," says SoLo D.

Known for his catchy hooks and theme-oriented lyrics, he continues to showcase his ability to create music that is guaranteed to ……

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Binary Matrix Pro Seeks To Expand Platform To Novice Traders

The software every Binary Options trader should get their hands on, Binary Matrix Pro makes it easy for even beginners to get alerts and trade on almost every platform.

(Press Release Service) As Binary Options is becoming highly preferred by traders, more and more individuals are seeking ways to maximize their profits. Savvy traders speak of the most useful tricks to making money through Binary Options trading. The secret most beginners don’t know, however, is that trading one’s way to success is possible with the help of the latest and most advanced tool: Binary Matrix Pro.

Binary Matrix Pro is a desktop-based application that teaches everyone, including the most novice Binary Options traders, how to generate income in the smartest way. Essentially, the application provides the trading signals from the..

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DiMora Motorcar Vicci 6.2 Convertible to Debut at Taiwan Art Fair

Two acclaimed artists Lee Sun-Don and Sir Alfred J. DiMora created a masterpiece on what could be the most expensive production automobile in the world.

(Press Release Distribution) Great artists look for innovative media to bring their creativity to life. Zen Master Lee Sun-Don has teamed with automotive designer Sir Alfred J. DiMora to produce a unique expression of their creative ideas. The first DiMora Motorcar Vicci 6.2 Emperor Convertible serves as the canvas for Master Lee’s art and will be introduced at Art Revolution Taipei, April 16-20, 2014

This fusion of 21st century technology with classic 1930′s elegance and flair defines a new niche in the American and global automobile markets. The sporty Vicci 6.2 Emperor Convertible comes with a choice of General Motors 6.2..

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DiMora Motorcar Introduces Vicci 6.2 Convertible

(Press Release Distribution) Combining 21st Century automotive technology with classic 1930s styling and flair, the sporty Vicci 6.2 Convertible is now turning heads wherever it goes.

This is the first of three new series of handcrafted, neoclassic, luxury automobiles built by DiMora Motorcar® in Palm Springs, California. It comes with the 430-hp General Motors LS3 6.2 liter V8 engine. Paired with the GM 4L65-E 4-speed automatic transmission, it powers the 2820-pound car from zero to 60 mph in 4 seconds. Four-wheel disc brakes are used to stop the Pirelli P Zero tires.

For those who want a bit more performance, the Vicci 6.2 HS Convertible has the 556-hp GM LS-A 6.2 liter supercharged V8 engine and comes with independent suspension. This is paired with the GM 4L85-E 4-speed automatic transmission or an optional 6-speed manual transmission. The convertible top for each model is made of Haartz Stayfast three-ply, tightly-woven, cloth canvas, and a removable hard top is available as an option.

The next series to be introduced will be the Adina Convertible, which takes its styling cues from the Clenet automobiles that Sir Alfred J. DiMora produced in the 1980s. It will feature the 430-hp….

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Unknown Celebrity Passes Away, But His Legend Lives On In Key West

Key West is known as an artistic community, and also one that has long standing ties to the military. The perfect example of this is the sculpture that was created of the famous picture of a soldier and a nurse kissing in Times Square.

(I-Newswire) Long before it became known as the best place in America to have a margarita and before the cruise ships made it one of their premiere stops, Key West, Florida was a thriving artist’s community. Some of the first people to settle back here almost one hundred years ago, when the city was coming back from the precipice of bankruptcy, were painters, writers, musicians, performers and artists of every ilk. It was their influence that helped shape the future of Key West and their influence can still be seen in many parts of this island town.

The only ……

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Discount Wig Salon Warns of Future Price Increases

Discount Wig Salon announces that the cost of goods is rising, forcing inflationary pressure on prices.

(Press Release Distribution) Who announces a price increase? Most businesses let people know when they’re having a sale, but Discount Wig Salon wants consumers to know that the true cost of goods has been rising, and in the interest of transparency, it will be hard to keep retail prices low in the future.

Marketing director Clark Wang says, "We have been running a clearance sale for a while now, but with the cost of goods increasing, not to mention shipping costs, it will be very difficult to maintain these prices. Therefore, we want to give fair warning and explain the inflationary..

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Dallas Tax Attorney Nick Nemeth Publishes New Blog Urging Taxpayers Not to Face The IRS on Their Own

Nick Nemeth, Founder of The Law Office of Nick Nemeth PLLC, a Dallas Tax Law Firm, warns taxpayers that facing the IRS can lead to disaster.

(Press Release Distribution) Nick Nemeth, who is the Founder of The Law Office of Nick Nemeth PLLC, which is a respected Dallas Tax Law Firm, has just written a blog on his internet home page discussing the importance of having a tax attorney on your team while facing an IRS dispute. The blog, titled "Facing an IRS Dispute? Three Reasons You Need a Tax Attorney on Your Team" urges taxpayers not to face the agency on their own.

Dallas IRS Attorney Nick Nemeth writes, "This month is tax month, and while nobody enjoys writing a check to the government, if filing your taxes is the only interaction you have with the IRS this year… consider yourself lucky.

Each year, thousands of taxpayers face audits and additional IRS disputes. And they discover exactly why the IRS has come to be such a feared and disliked agency. An IRS dispute can be stressful and expensive – and should you find yourself in this situation, it’s important that you don’t face the IRS alone. Below are three reasons why it is important to have a qualified tax attorney on your team.

1) Tax law is complicated….

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Air Mail Quickly Becoming the Next Viral Video

(i-newswire.com) You have mail was a popular saying with AOL back in the 90′s and now a new term is going viral "air mail". Thats what people are calling it in Maryland anyways, after a Fedex employee was caught throwing a package 20 feet onto a concrete porch. The package which only contained "American Girl" doll clothes went unharmed during the event. However the damage has been done, and Jackie Moon of Charles County Maryland did not think "air mail" was funny at all. She called up Fedex and had them review her security system glendale footage of the incident…

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