Commercial Cleaning Goes Green in Twin Cities

( More so today than ever before, our world population in general has become conscious of the damage that chemical technologies can do. All around the globe, efforts to remove the use of dangerous chemicals in our environment are evident. From the processes used for food production to the products we use to maintain our homes, the use of toxic chemicals is slowly being eliminated. Elite Green Cleaning, LLC of Shakopee, MN, has incorporated this into the industry of commercial cleaning by offering "green" cleaning services.

After years of exposure to abrasive cleaning products in the work environment, the ……

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St. Lucia Prime Minister Lauds Axcel Finance as a Pioneer in Microfinance

(Press Release Service) The role of small businesses in creating employment, empowering less well-endowed segments of the population and stimulating economic growth is one which the Government of St. Lucia supports and encourages.

That disclosure was made by St. Lucia Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, as he delivered the keynote address at the official opening of the Vieux Fort branch of Axcel Finance, on the southern tip of Saint Lucia, on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Anthony told the gathering: "If we are to grow our economy, there must be short ties between foreign direct ……

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Toronto Business Coach Hosts Online Training

Business coach for mom business owners, Shelagh Cummins,
is offering an online training webinar designed to help companies increase revenue.

(I-Newswire) Shelagh Cummins, business coach for mom entrepreneurs, has launched a new online training, "The 5 C’s Needed to Accelerate the Growth of Your Business."

The business trainer and consultant for Mom Entrepreneurs and co-founder of coaches and trains global clients. Her signature Grow Your Business program is designed for women who are ready to expand their businesses.

"I work with a lot of moms," Cummins said. "I take them through my Grow Your Business program to help them develop their plan and strategy. The ve C’s will take them from where they are now..

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Online Discussion Formats Help Support Women Who Choose To Be Childless

(Press Release Distribution) One of the most controversial decisions a woman can make is whether or not she will have children. Many couples come together over the shared desire not to have a family for any number of reasons. Yet members of society choose to burden these couples with their own opinions as to why this is wrong even without the smallest amount of knowledge about the couple and their decision. Luckily, support can be found online through social media apps that help to bring like-minded women and couples together.

"In the past, a decision like this was mostly unheard of and rarely would the woman in question have anyone she could turn to for help or advice," recalls Katie Klabusich, who will be hosting an open forum discussion called "Let Me be Child-Free" on with Dr. Leah Torres. "Part of what society expects of a woman is for her to be a mother. It is a dangerous double standard that a man can grow up and be a lifelong bachelor, but a woman is somehow incomplete if she never has a child."

Unfortunately, this belief is still prevalent in many parts of society, but now women….

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Generate4Schools Automatic Fundraiser Works for Brookline Education Foundation

(Press Release Distribution) Generate4Schools, a Massachusetts-based School Fundraising Company, is proud to announce the Brookline Education Foundation (BEF) is using the Automatic Fundraiser to generate much-needed funds for Brookline public schools. In late 2012, the BEF partnered with Generate4Schools to provide local businesses a way to save money while supporting Brookline’s public schools, preschool through high school. A year-and-a-half later, this shop-local initiative is making a huge difference, both in terms of BEF dollars raised for education, as well as positive impact on the local business community.

The BEF is making Generate4Schools’ Automatic Fundraiser really work for their organization. Nearly..

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Want to Get Attention for Your Business? Using Print Is Still the Way to Go

Even in this age of the Internet, print products are still crucial for branding, marketing and sales purposes.

( Print continues to be a proven and effective marketing and branding tool. That is the message of a new infographic from Superior Resource Printing & Graphics, a print shop in NY.

The infographic, "Transforming Your Business With Print," highlights the ways that leaflets, posters and other print products retain their powerful influence on consumers even in an age of technology.

The rise of the Internet and the various forms of social media has led many marketers to anticipate the death of print. But the infographic reminds us that print has been around for 5,000 years and remains a timeless method for a business to grow its customer base.

The infographic displays informative and sometimes surprising statistics that illustrate the continuing power of print. For example:

– Leaflets, flyers and other print products promoting companies are still crucial to get people through the door, generating 39% of new customers.

– Sixty-seven percent of shoppers get sales and product information from direct mail promotions sent to them, while 69% of the shoppers get that information from newspapers.

– Business cards are still used frequently, and….

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Discount Wig Salon Publishes Video Showing Easy Returns

(Press Release Distribution) Have you ever thought twice about making an online purchase because you weren’t sure if you would be getting a piece of junk or actually saving money? In keeping with their high standard of customer service, Discount Wig Salon removes fear or risk by offering a customer satisfaction guarantee. They have just released a video explaining how easy it is to return a wig.

Some companies require a customer to jump through all kinds of hoops to return a purchase. Other companies are located in Asia, and while they offer cheap prices, if you ever need to return..

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St. Onge Co. Executives Appointed to Material Handling Institute Positions

Bryan Jensen and Al Reigart Bring Material Handling and Supply Chain Expertise to New Roles

(I-Newswire) The Material Handling Institute (MHI) has appointed two St. Onge principals to executive volunteer positions. Bryan Jensen, vice president and principal, St. Onge Co. (, has been appointed to the MHI Roundtable. Al Reigart, vice president and principal, St. Onge Co., has been appointed to chairman of MHI’s Supply Chain Execution Systems & Technologies Group. Jensen’s appointment is for four years, Reigart’s term is for two years.

Members of the roundtable provide counsel and insight to MHI officers. "The Material Handling Institute is the leader in offering education, networking and solution sourcing for its members, their ……

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Security Networks Dealers Transition To Monitronics

Monitronics has officially converted over 200 Security Networks dealer affiliates to the Monitronics Dealer Program – one of the final steps in integrating the two companies since the acquisition of Security Networks in August 2013.

(Press Release Service) Monitronics has officially converted over 200 Security Networks dealer affiliates to the Monitronics Dealer Program – one of the final steps in integrating the two companies since the acquisition of Security Networks in August 2013.

Security Networks dealer affiliates completed training during the month of February and began originating new accounts under the Monitronics brand last week.

With approximately 620 dealers on board, Monitronics has one of the nation’s largest networks of security dealers, with operations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. When the entire transition is complete, Monitronics will provide alarm monitoring service..

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Tickets on Sale Now For Cautionary New Play, ‘Lady From Limerick’

(Press Release Service) In a time when TV shows such as The Swan portrayed plastic surgery as an easy way to find perfection, Kathleen Cregan decided to travel in search of the best. But after things go wrong at a Park Avenue plastic surgeon’s office, we see how the desire to be better can lead us to doctors we know little about, and situations where we risk losing everything.

Lady from Limerick by Claude Solnik is a play loosely based on the story of Kathleen Kelly Cregan, a woman from Limerick in Ireland who died after plastic surgery in 2005. The..

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