310 Lakeside Announces New Brunch Specials

Mar 4, 2015


Orlando mainstay 310 Lakeside is expanding their weekend brunch specials and will now be offering their acclaimed brunch menu from 11am-3pm on Saturdays along with their regular menu. They will also have a brunch happy hour featuring $ 4 House Bloody Marys and $ 4 Mimosas.

310 Lakeside’s brunch menu features favorites such as Traditional Eggs Benedict and Steak & Eggs, as well as signature items like 310 French Toast and a California Scramble. Customers can order from 310 Lakeside’s full regular lunch and dinner menu in addition to the brunch offerings.

The family-friendly restaurant received the “Best Outdoor Dining” Award from My City Eats for the third year in a row making it one of the best spots for brunch in Downtown Orlando.

310 Restaurants Group includes 310 Park South on beautiful Park Avenue in Winter Park, 310 Lakeside in Downtown Orlando on the shores of Lake Eola, and their sister restaurant Blu on the Avenue in Winter Park. 

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Kontakt.Io and Howler.At Partner up for More Innovation in Beacon Usage

Mar 3, 2015


Polish hardware startup Kontakt.io and American ad tech startup Howler.at have formed a strategic alliance combining the Internet of Things with Howler’s real time mobile advertising and data analytics platform. The partnership is focused on bringing together two companies that are exploring the cutting edge of mobile technology and hyperlocal engagement. By utilizing Kontakt.io as their sole hardware provider, Howler will help bring the future of beacon technology into Boston’s small business community.

By combining Kontakt.io’s top quality beacon hardware with what has been voted Boston’s hottest showcasing startup, this alliance makes it possible for local businesses to produce intuitive advertising on par with that of larger companies, without the cost and human expenditure previously required. Howler currently has the largest deployment of beacons per area, with several hundred businesses participating in its opt-in program in the Greater Boston area. This collaboration will not only help local businesses succeed, but will also provide opportunities to develop urban tourism, brand engagement, real estate and more. Together, Howler and Kontakt.io are designing the future of connected cities and giving more people access to the Internet of Things everyday.

Kontakt.io was founded in 2013 with the goal of using beacon technology to improve accessibility for the vision-impared. Today, Kontakt.io offers a wide range of innovative technology, has offices in Poland, London and New York City and is positioned as an all-purpose backend solution for many industries and applications. Howler, based in Boston, Massachusetts, utilizes beacon technology by allowing small businesses to deliver ads straight to customers in real time. Unlike Groupon and LivingSocial, Howler uses a simple mobile app along with a dashboard for businesses to manage their marketing plans and give customers the deals they want without any hassle. “We are pleased to work with a company that proves every day that they are innovative and far-seeing about the IoT,” explained Trevor Longino, head of PR and marketing at Kontakt.io. “We share the same vision…and we’re thrilled to be partnering up with Howler.”

Hunter Gaylor, Howler’s co-founder and CEO, is just as excited to move forward with the collaboration. “From day one, Howler has been all about building solutions for our modern cities creating the most advanced ways to engage with consumers. Kontakt.io is allowing us to make our goals a reality.”

Both Gaylor and Longino envision a bright future for both companies. “We are building a whole new real-time experience,” said Longino. “In the future, users will be provided with context about their world in a more convenient and beneficial way. We are proud to be part of that process along with innovative companies like Howler.”  

About Kontakt.io

Kontakt.io’s platform puts the real world in contact with the Internet of Things by connecting devices with proximity awareness to the cloud. Kontakt.io goes beyond beacons to do this, and offers a full suite of innovative technology, ranging from Bluetooth low energy beacons to a variety of other hardware and software technologies. Kontakt.io makes it simple for any business or serious hobbyist to create the Bluetooth application or business of their dreams. Kontakt.io helps their clients learn amazing things through analyzing the world around them.

Learn more at www.kontakt.io.

Contact Joanna Bucior, PR Manager, at @Kontakt_io or by emailing pr@kontakt.io.

About Howler

Howler is a full-service, real time mobile marketing platform that is helping brands, retailers and venues engage with consumers where and when it matters the most. Founded by Harvard and MIT graduates Hunter Gaylor and Joseph Viscomi, Howler aims to empower small businesses, enterprises and municipalities by providing them with an easy to use, inexpensive advertising service. Customers no longer have to search for deals; deals are sent directly to their smartphones as they walk by participating stores. Howler is merging online deals with real-time shopping and creating a marketing revolution with a single universal mobile app.

Learn more at howler.at.  

Contact Ryan Bobillo, head relationship developer, at @Howlerat or by emailing info@howler.at.

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The Stick With It, A Product Line of Adjustable, Spring-Tensioned Hanger-Rods

Mar 2, 2015


There never seems to be enough “space”, either in one’s home or office. Imagine a way to turn wasted corner space into an efficient “extra closet”. Now, one can with the Stick With It, a product line of adjustable, spring-tensioned hanger-rods, designed for use in the corners of rooms to hang a variety of objects and materials, such as clothes, belts, scarves, blankets, curtains, quilts, hanging plants, and sporting gear, just to name a few. The Stick With It is especially ideal for apartment dwellers because it can easily be moved from one corner to another or from one apartment to another without leaving any marks.

Similar in design to an extendable shower curtain rod, the Stick With It is easy to use, non-marring, stable and sturdy. Available in a variety of colors, it is fabricated in a tough and durable, hard molded thermoplastic. The three available lengths of the Stick With It are; one that extends from 12 to 18 inches and designed to support up to 5 pounds; one from 18 to 30 inches designed for loads up to 10 pounds; and one from 30 to 42 inches designed for loads of up to 15 pounds. The terminal plates are padded for a secure, non-slip, non-marring junction and produced in three alternative shapes- round, square and diamond-shaped. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Stick With It.

The Patent Pending Stick With It was invented by Beverly Skinner of Elgin, IL, who said, “To use, simply rotate one end of the two-sectioned rod until the rod is slightly longer than the space being spanned. Then press the rod into place between the two walls, where it will remain because of the internal, compressed spring. To remove the rod, simply reverse the process. The rods are equipped with pivoting ball-joints at either end, these connecting with terminal fittings on either end to ensure a solid anchorage against the two walls.”

For more information, click HERE

EDITOR’S NOTE: Development of this product is being handled by Invents Company. For more information about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Department at Invents Company, 450 7th Avenue, Suite #1107 New York, NY 10123. Tel: 212-620-2629

INVENTS Company — 450 7th Avenue, Suite #1107 — New York, NY 10123 www.invents.com

Contact: Jeanne Nelson   Media Dept.:    7867 Tel: (212) 620-2629   Jeanne@invents.com

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The Fastest Growing Patient Healthcare App in America Closes Next Round Of Funding

Mar 1, 2015


The investment was led by healthcare industry executive and investor, Don Byrne. Byrne started Byrne Medical in 1997, focused on improving infection control. Byrne Medical became a powerful force in the GI endoscopy business, which eventually went on to merge with Minntech Corporation to form Medivators Endoscopy Group in August 2011. It was the same year he was named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year and won the Gulf Coast Area Award for Manufacturing and Distribution.

ChartSpan was built for patients. It’s simple, elegant and converts paper healthcare records to digital data with no manual data entry. On a mobile device, a user can import an electronic healthcare record from any source or take a picture of their record and create a digital record. ChartSpan then extracts the data and populates each user’s electronic, personal database. Patients can request records from any doctor in less than :08 seconds. Patients can manage their entire families’ records on their smartphone. Records can be searched, based on any keyword.

“Patients have waited for more than a decade for providers to deliver on the promise of “interoperability,” said ChartSpan CEO & CoFounder JonMichial Carter. “At ChartSpan, we got tired of waiting and built technology that would empower patients to manage their own electronic healthcare records. We are excited to disrupt healthcare, moving the balance of patient data into the hands of consumers.”

ChartSpan will release a Google Play (Android) version in the coming weeks.

The investment will be used to build the engineering, distribution, and marketing teams at ChartSpan. ChartSpan has raised nearly $ 3,000,000 in capital thus far.

About ChartSpan:

ChartSpan has invented mobile technology that collects and centralizes the management of electronic, patient healthcare data for patients. Through innovative data conversion technology, ChartSpan turns paper healthcare records into electronic records, generating structured data and eliminating the need for manual entry of personal healthcare records. To learn more about ChartSpan, please visit www.ChartSpan.com. To download the ChartSpan App, please visit the Apple App Store.

For more information about ChartSpan, or to schedule an interview with ChartSpan CEO, Jon-Michial Carter, please contact Armen Allahverdian at 713.894.0325 or email him at Armen@ChartSpan.com.

Link for Media assets, including logos, creatives and media kit: www.ChartSpan.com/Press.

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Fidelity National Home Warranty Acquires BPG Home Warranty, HISCO Home Warranty and BPG Home Inspection

Feb 27, 2015


Fidelity National Home Warranty increases market share in several states

Fidelity National Home Warranty (FNHW), a California based home warranty company is pleased to announce the February 13, 2015 acquisition of BPG Holdings, LLC (“BPG”), a recognized leader in home warranty, home inspection and commercial inspections.  The acquisition, which recently received regulatory approval, provides FNHW with home warranty operations in 13 states and home inspection services in over 25 states.  The acquisition included the acquisition of HISCO Home Warranty, the first company to be granted a home protection license by the California Department of Insurance in 1973.

Both BPG and HISCO home warranty companies will transition to the FNHW name in March, while the Home Inspection Company will continue operating under their current name: BPG Home Inspections.  FNHW will service its home warranty customers out of both their Concord, CA and Alpharetta, GA call centers.

“The acquisition of BPG Home Warranty, including HISCO Home Warranty, will provide a meaningful increase to our market share in California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada while giving us added scale in several other states,” said Billy Jensen, FNHW President and CEO.  ”Our combined home warranty business provides a great opportunity to continue with our nationwide expansion efforts, and the home inspection services platform provides a substantial opportunity for further future growth by FNHW. We are also excited to be offering the CRES Advantage 13 Month Home Warranty Plan for CRES insured offices. Both BPG and HISCO have done a great job with providing this value added E &O product and we look forward to continuing that relationship.” 

About Fidelity National Home Warranty

Fidelity National Home Warranty began in January 1995 as Alliance Home Warranty and was acquired by Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (NYSE:FNF) on August 14, 1998.  In March of 2000, FNF acquired Chicago Title, which included Chicago Home Warranty, formerly known as Continental Home Warranty. The two home warranty companies merged in January of 2001 under the Fidelity National Home Warranty license. FNHW currently operates in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Idaho, providing quality home warranty products and exceptional service to their customers. The Company is a charter member of the National Home Service Contract Association (NHSCA) and is currently one of the nation’s largest home warranty providers. For more information visit http://homewarranty.com

FNHW also operates Disclosure Source, California’s premier natural hazard disclosure company providing complete, compliant and current natural hazard disclosures, tax and environmental information to the real estate industry. For more information visit https://www.disclosuresource.com/

About Buyers Protection Group

BPG provided home warranties and home inspections to consumers involved in real estate transactions since 1987. BPG operated in 14 states including the top 25 housing markets and included the ownership of home warranty company, HISCO.  HISCO was the first company to be granted a home protection license by the California Department of Insurance in 1973.

BPG Property Inspections is the largest employee-based home inspection company in the country, inspecting homes since 1989. Our inspectors and engineers undergo thorough background checks and must meet ongoing training and performance standards — they are a select group of professionals. For more information visit http://www.bpgwi.com/home-inspections

SOURCE: Fidelity National Home Warranty

CONTACT: Laurie Eder, Vice President of Marketing, leder@fnf.com

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Phoenix Patriot Foundation ‘Never Quit Challenge 300′ Jet Ski-memorial-family Program Outreach

Feb 27, 2015


This Jet Ski race is a memorial race in honor of Mark Hahn, and goes by the title of The Hot Products Mark Hahn 300 Memorial Race.  As part of the Phoenix Patriot Foundation’s Never Quit Challenge Program, and the Never Quit Challenge 300  is fielding 7 racing teams full of Veterans, volunteers and supporters on February 28th from 8 AM to 3 PM at the Crazy Horse Campgrounds, Lake Havasu, Arizona. These veterans will be racing 300 miles,  run on 10 mile loops on the lake and rely on a very large group of supporters to help them with their ‘pit stops’.  When a veteran comes into to make a pit stop, the Kawasaki Ultra #Jetski must be put on a trailer and driven 20′ from the waterline and there the pit crew will attend to refueling. It is similar to a NASCAR pit stop, lots of activity, lots of risk and fun and celebratory challenge.

Purple Heart recipients; Combat wounded, Veterans and Ambassadors and their family members will be arriving from across the United States to support one another in the spirit of PPF at the 300.  The #‪‎PhoenixPatriotFoundation is fielding 7 racing teams full of veterans, volunteers and supporters on February 28th at the Crazy Horse Campgrounds, Lake Havasu, Arizona. These veterans will be racing 300 miles,  run on 10 mile loops on the lake and rely on a very large group of supporters to help them with their ‘pit stops’.  When a veteran comes into to make a pit stop, the Kawasaki Ultra Jetski must be put on a trailer and driven 20′ from the waterline and there the pit crew will attend to refueling. It is similar to a NASCAR pit stop, with lots of activity, plenty of risk along with festive and celebratory challenge.  Afterwards Phoenix Patriot Foundation is hosting a group BBQ on site.

One of our combat wounded Veterans will be racing the #562 numbers on his Jet Ski Ultra® commemorating the day he was blown up by an IED while on deployment. We are a moving memorial, everything our teams undertake are in honor of our fallen or symbolic gestures of deep meaning of complete respect. We arrive representing not only our nation, but our flag and the spirit of adventure.

Phoenix Patriot Foundation has an incredible team of volunteer altruistic individuals who are dedicated to supporting PPF programs and combat wounded adventures. These type of Combat Wounded, Memorial and Family gatherings create a strong bond and bring together partners as well as participants in all our outreach programs under one unified front.  Phoenix Patriot Foundation encourages fellowship and determination in order to continue to set goals, and move ahead of situations that do not allow traction in their present form.  These challenges are breakthrough events for everyone involved. We often refer to them simply as ‘hardships’, and there is no denying these challenges live up to the name.

Phoenix Patriot Foundation NQC Program Director: Kanalu K38’s Shawn Alladio is the program manager and an Ambassador for PPF promoting Never Quit Challenges over the past 4 years.

NQC MEMORIAL EQUIPMENT NAMESAKES:  SGM (ret) Billy Waugh;  IC1 Thomas Retzer; S01 Patrick D. Feeks; S02 David Warsen; A-1-3 GLORY Boys; KC Blackwell ; DEALER 54; Gysgt. Daniel J. Price



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U.S. Women’s Chamber expanding in Pennsylvania – Names Amma Johnson Regional Director for Central Pennsylvania

Feb 25, 2015


The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce ( www.uswcc.org ) announces the selection of Amma Johnson founder of Johnson Marketing Group, LLC to advance women’s economic priorities in Pennsylvania as a National Director. The USWCC, a not-for-profit 501(c)6 organization founded in 2001 with over 500,000 members, headquarters are located in Washington, D.C.  As the leading advocate for women on economic and leadership issues, the USWCC creates opportunities, drives progress, advocates, and provides tools and solutions to support the economic growth of women across America.

On March 12th, the USWCC will launch its regional efforts at its Women’s Economic Priorities Summit to be held at the Best Western/Central Hotel in Harrisburg, PA ( www.uswcc.org/pennsylvania ).  U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer, Margot Dorfman will attend the March 12th summit in Harrisburg to share more information on USWCC’s national and regional efforts. 

“Amma Johnson brings a wealth of energy and experience to our efforts,” states Margot Dorfman, CEO of the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce. “In order to better serve women across the country, the USWCC is appointing leaders within regions to help advance our mission.  With Amma’s strong background and community leadership abilities, we’re confident she will drive economic growth for women in Pennsylvania.”

Amma Johnson is a true Pennsylvanian, born and raised in Pittsburgh, a Penn State graduate and currently living in Harrisburg.  She was formerly in government relations with the Hershey Company and also served as vice president of Chamber Operations with the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC, where she worked for nearly 10 years.  Amma is an entrepreneur at heart and has recently re-launched her marketing company in addition to working on her music and private label brands. 

“As an entrepreneur, I’m seeing our community from yet another perspective,” states Johnson. “It’s a great time for women in business!  I see a lot of opportunity for us across this region and it’s critical that we come together as a unified voice to gain access to resources, including contracting opportunities for small businesses as well as advancement for women in senior level positions.  I’ve always been passionate about widening the door of opportunity for all,” adds Johnson. 

“Representing over half a million across this coutnry, the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce is influential — truly advocating for women at every level.  I’m excited to bring USWCC resources and leaderhip into this region to see women advance,” states Amma.  “Women own nearly 30% of firms in the U.S., but represent only 4% of all sales revenues.  That really bothers me and I’m going to advocate for women in this community.  We need to strengthen our voice. And we need to take the lead.” Regional efforts will include outreach to legislators, potential partners, small businesses and procurement contacts and implementation of a strategic plan to engage the community in supporting the Women’s Economic Priorities.

The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce provides business and financial education and resources for women and works to achieve fundamental budget and policy priorities that support women’s economic opportunities, security and family well-being.  The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce (USWCC) is the leading advocate for women on economic and leadership issues. As the economic leader for women, the USWCC creates opportunities, drives progress, advocates, and provides tools and solutions to support the economic growth of women across America. Women and men interested in joining and supporting the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce, are invited to connect with the chamber by calling (888) 418-7922 or by visiting www.uswcc.org.


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RingByName: A Unique Business Communication System

Feb 24, 2015


RingByName https://www.ringbyname.com/ offers a qualitative new level of service for its subscribers. So what is RingByName? How can this application affect your company’s business? How much does the RingByName subscription cost? 

Time-proven advantages

The operation of any company is unimaginable without modern communication systems. “But everybody is already using them,”.  Is it necessary to change anything? To answer this question, the developers of RingByName remind you that the typical phone, fax, the Internet and so on are available not only to you, but also to your competitors. This is why the use of traditional means of communication will not bring you any advantages on the market. On the other hand, RingByName can genuinely amaze your clients and, what’s more, it will open up more opportunities for your business.  RingByName helps companies in three major avenues:

Provide an individual service, improve communication with clients, and increase the efficiency of your managers’ work.

RingByName has been successful in the communications market place for over twelve years. Throughout this time, over 5,000 businesses and 300,000 individuals worldwide began to use the innovative solutions of the RingByName platform.  RingByName services clients in 115 countries and offers calling to anywhere in the world. The operation of the system is based on cloud technology and is distinguished by its exceptional reliability. Upon installation of the RingByName application, you will receive high-quality telephone communication, an answering machine, and a client relation management system all at once. The system is distinguished by the remarkable simplicity of use. The interfaces allow for its setup on both desktop PCs and mobile phones.

RingByName can be used for personal and commercial use. However, the application is most beneficial for commercial use.  RingByName can help your business attract a multitude of new clients and assist in maintaining existing clients.

RingByName can completely replace and significantly improve your existing telephone communication. The system combines the capabilities of a Hosted PBX, Hosted IVR and Hosted CRM. RingByName includes an application that creates a unified database of company contacts. The mobile application provides access to RingByName from a mobile device, i.e. it allows company employees to use all the benefits of the system, without being confined to their work desk.

How does RingByName work?

The RingByName system consists of three integrated components, which include the main key and basic applications developed on the basis of cloud technologies. The combination of Enterprise Hosted PBX, Call Center IVR, and CRM is applied. By using these components together, the system provides a high-quality level of management that achieves a significant increase in productivity and improves communication with clients and partners. RingByName integrates well with your business and social applications.

With the use of RingByName, you are able to:

 Check who is calling before you answer the call. View the all available information on the caller. See who the caller spoke to the last time he/she called. View information on the last missed calls.See notes on the caller.Redirect the caller to voicemail or to another employee.

You can view all the necessary information in the pop-up window, which does not interfere with the call. During the conversation with another caller, you can gain access to the general address book and exchange contact information if necessary. In order to avoid duplicating conversations, you will receive information on which of your team members the caller has previously talked to.

The Team Activity tab is intended for the users to know what every member of the team is doing. In addition, the Call Rejection function allows user to create a black-list for the people that you personally refuse to talk to. And this is only a quick peek at some of the functions offered by RingByName.

The RingByName mobile application allows to:

Gain quick access to all calls, voice messages, contacts, notes and members of your team

Synchronize with the Desktop application in real-time

Access administrative features 

Control where you route your calls​

How much does RingByName cost? 

RingByName starts at $ 25 per month. You will be able to use a telephone system based on cloud technology, digital lines for every user via Voice over IP, and receive one local number for every subscriber. You will also receive voicemail for every user as well as  e-mail notifications and web based 24/7 support.

Unlimited calling plans are available for United States and Canada. Many IP-telephone devices are available ranging from $ 65.95-$ 299.95. They also offer adapters for older analogue devices and fax machines for $ 35.95. 

In order to begin using RingByName, you merely have to perform a few simple steps.

Sign an agreement.Install the equipment.Configure your phone system. 

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LGBTQ 2015 Chicago Gay & Lesbian Wedding Expo – Pine Manor Same Sex Wedding Giveaway

Feb 23, 2015


March 22, 2015 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm 
Hard Rock Hotel Chicago
230 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60601

Rainbow Wedding Network’s Gay & Lesbian Wedding Expo 

Get Free Tickets On line NOW! TICKETS HERE TICKETS HERE partisipants Must RSVP. Free Tickets online and vendor info from the sponsor Rainbow Wedding Network Same Love Same Rights.

Hurry, Logon and get free tickets for the March 22, 2015 Gay and Lesbian Wedding Expo sponsored by Rainbow Wedding Network http://www.samelovesamerights.com  where Rev. Pamela from Pine Manor Chicago and her wedding partners are giving away a wedding to one lucky couple in attendance. 

Over 30 select gay-friendly vendors will be on hand at the expo to help answer questions and provide helpful insights into creating the LEGAL ceremony of dreams! Enjoy music, samples, giveaways and much more throughout the afternoon. 

This year promises to be an event couple’s won’t want to miss, as Gay Wedding Chicago Site, Pine Manor, Reverend Pamela and her wedding partners are proud to be returning to the 7th Annual ‘Same Love, Same Rights’® LGBT Wedding Expo – and this year, we’ve got a new Michigan Ave. address at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago!! On Sunday, March 22nd 1-4pm we look forward to seeing a large croud. 

Be sure to stop by the Pine Manor booth to meet the Rev and talk about this award winning LGBTQA wedding destination. Plus, sample wedding cake from Central Continental Bakery http://www.centralcontinentalbakery.com . Book your wedding date at the show and receive a free save the date digital announcement.  All wedding couples and their guests get exclusive discounts at the partner hotel countryinns.com/mt-prospect-hotel-il-60056/ilohare Plus, tons of other perks

Rev Pamela has been a featured talk-show guest on 95.1 WIIL Rock and featured in many  articles in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times and NW Herald.  Plus multiple online  articles, such as Best Gay Chicago.  The Rev was featured as the official “wrap” for ABC News Radio airing nationally throughout the day on 12-12-12  regarding weddings in her home. Rev Pam announced on Triblocal October 2014 the 300th couple married in her Pine Manor home, and she was one of five officiants asked to marry same sex couples for the MCA marriage equality celebration June 2nd, 2014.  Pine  Manor, located in Mt. Prospect, Illinois was the location of My Fox Chicago’s Remote for the morning show May 30, 2014 with award winning journalist, Darlene Hill. Seven 3-4 minute features were aired, videos of the features can be found on Google Plus page, as well as links to other press. https://plus.google.com/+PineManorChicagoWeddings/posts?hl=en

Book Now and Save – Call Rev Pam 847-873-7463 now through March 2015 RSVP this wedding with as little as $ 75 dollars down for the great wedding savings. The best value is now priced at $ 810 Dollars – Reg. $ 1010 for 6 guests. 

The winning couple will recieve

The Best Value Wedding Package Giveaway Value: 2850.00

Wedding for 30 guest includes: Couple’s pre-cermony dance lesson by Sway Dance Chicago. Personalized Digital Wedding Invitation you can eMail to your guests, Personalized Ceremony &  Officiantation by Rev Pam, The Venue Pine Manor for 2 Hours, wedding photography by Joey from JZCStudio.com, Ceremony Keepsakes, Video photography by Sure Shot Video, a delicious two layer wedding cake from Central Bakery, live violin ceremony music by HannaH, and a romantic overnight stay at Country Inn & Suites, with hot breakfast & pool.

2015 Wedding Giveaway Vendor List

Pine Manor wedding partners contributed to bring this year’s free pine manor wedding give away.

Wedding Venue GayWeddingChicagoSite dot com  LesbianWeddingChicago dot com

Wedding Officiation Rev Pam  ILWeddingOfficiant dot com

Overnight Stay Country Inn & Suites Mt Prospect Facebook /countryinnoharenw  

Wedding Cake CentralContinentalBakery dot com  

Wedding Video sureshotproductions dot com  

Live Wedding Music Violin hannahkwatson dot com  

Still Photography JZCStudio dot com  

Flowers by Rev Pam ILWeddingOfficiant dot com

Dance Lesson swaydancechicago dot com  

Discounts and Deals Elopement Packages Start at $ 225. Friend Pine Manor On Facebook for $ 25 Dollars Off Your Reservation Fee if reserved before May 31, 2015 facebook.com/ChicagoPagans Whether a couple is looking for a special venue to hold the ceremony with guests or an intimate union with just the couple, Pine Manor is the right place and the right budget.

http://GayWeddingChicagoSite.com   Pine Manor  847-873-7463 8-8pm CST

Call and book a wedding for as little as $ 75 Down. Open evenings and holidays.  Logon the website for dozens of 5Star reviews, and over 200 weddings in the photo gallery http://PineManorWeddings.com 

More about IL Wedding Officiant, Rev Pamela and Pine Manor Chicago Weddings can be found here:

http://ILWeddingOfficiant.com  Making The World Happy One Couple At A Time

http://PineManorChicago.com  Where Small Weddings Are The Right Size

http://WeddingVenueIllinois.com  1920s Charm and Suburban Hospitality

http://DestinationWeddingChapel.com  Romantic Courthouse Wedding Alternative

http://ChicagoPaganWeddings.com  A Magickal Place For Your Legal Pagan Wedding, Handfasting

http://InterfaithWeddingMinister.com  Blending Your Family Your Wedding Your Way

http://JusticeOfThePeaceChicago.com  Quick I DO Weddings, late night and weekends

http://GayWeddingChicagoSite.com  Gay Wedding Chicago Site, Pine Manor Chicago A Legal Same Sex Marriage Place

http://LesbianWeddingChicago.com  Intimate Romantic Weddings at Dream Prices

http://GayMarriageIllinois.com  Serving the LGBTQA Community Since… ALWAYS!

http://HandfastingCord.net  Custom made handfasting cords blessed in Ritual Meditation

http://HandfastingWedding.com  Tie The Knot The Old Fashioned Way, Handfasting Weddings

http://WeddingOfficiantMountProspect.com  Need a ceremony location? Need an Officiant? Pine Manor is a One Stop Shop, On A Budget!

http://smallpartyvenue.com  Small Intimate Parties, corporate events and family get together

http://weddingofficiantchicago.com  Wedding Celebrant comes to you or get married in the officiant’s home and garden.

http://InterfaithWeddingOfficiantChicago.com  Serving Couples According To Their Unique Personality, Beliefs and Desires

http://WeddingDatePsychic.com  Find Your Lucky Wedding Date, Auspicious Day Personally Calculated for Your Wedding

IL Weddig Officiant, Reverend Pamela can be found under these search terms.  Wedding Chicago, Gay Lesbian wedding expo Chicago, rainbow wedding network, same rights same love, hard rock hotel events Chicago, same sex weddings, lesbian wedding show, gay wedding show, Illinois same sex marriage venues, win a pine manor wedding, budget wedding venues Chicago, justice of the peace Chicago, lgbtq weddings, transgender wedding venue, vegan weddings, pagan weddings, legal handfastings, central continental bakery mount prospect. 

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Renown Private Investigator T.J. Ward Seeks Murder Indictment Against Former Union City Officer

Feb 22, 2015


Atlanta may be known as the center for America’s Civil Rights Movement, but when a tragedy involves the death of a black youth by one of its officers, the city simply goes mum.  Ms. Freda Waiters, mother of slain 19-year-old Ariston gets emotional sifting through more than 4,500 pages of documents she has collected. “He was murdered in cold blood, like some stray dog on the street,” declares Ms. Waiters, pointing to the boxes of discovery. “The proof’s all here, yet everyone is covering it up.”

On the evening of December 14, 2011, Ariston Waiters was on the way home to be with his new-born daughter Ajaleh in Union City, a suburb of Atlanta.  A fight erupted betwixt a gathering of teenage girls. Waiters, like others, stopped to watch. The disturbance was called into 911, and Union City police responded quickly; the crowd dispersed at their arrival.  Fresh off the battlefield in Afghanistan, Union City Officer Luther Lewis took chase.  Evidence documents that Waiters was neither involved nor armed.  Ariston did not even run.  

At 135 pounds, Waiters was easily taken down by Lewis.  He was placed face to ground, hands over head.  Lewis’ knee pressed firmly into Waiters’ back.  With one handcuff on, the officer called in a Code 4 – “no assistance needed.”  Even without the handcuffs, the teen was no match for the war veteran.  The officer reached for his other hand, but Waiters allegedly resisted. GBI Forensics’ notes the lack of traction marks to indicate any resistance or struggle. There wasn’t one.

Rather than reach for his holstered Taser, as he is trained to use for “compliance,” Lewis grabbed  his service revolver instead.  Without justification, the Union City officer fired two shots into Waiters’ spine, just inches apart.  Powder burn marks through Waiters’ skin confirm they were fired at point-blank range.  A local EMT heard the gunshots and offered to assist the youth as he lie bleeding, presenting her credentials to police – but was refused.  Ariston died at Grady Hospital later that night; Ms. Waiters lost her only child.

“He was very artistic and very talented,” says Ms. Waiters, “a real people person.  Ariston would give you the shirt off his back if it would help.”  While Ms. Waiters notes that Ariston enjoyed life, he did not have an easy one.  “At the age of thirteen, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, law enforcement is not always trained on how to handle the mentally disabled.  Ariston had a loving family that was always there to help and support him.”

Lewis detailed the unlikely scenario of a struggle where he was nearly overpowered by the fey teen in his case filings, and under oath. The GBI opened a formal investigation, but elected to not interview officers at the scene.  Forensic analysis performed at the request of Fulton District Attorney Paul Howard Jr. documented that Waiters death was not justifiable.  Yet, Luther Lewis was cleared of wrongdoing by a Special Grand Jury May 30, 2012, and  reinstated back on the police force in active duty.

A wrongful death suit against Union City Police followed, and three-quarters of a million dollars in damages was paid by the city to a trust fund for Ariston’s daughter.  It was noted by fellow officers that Lewis had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from his military service.  PTSD has most recently been tied to the shooting death of “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle, 38, and another man on Feb. 2, 2013. In the end, Luther Lewis lost his job, but was never prosecuted for his actions.

“Every day I pray to God for resolution,” Ms. Waiters laments. “Money won’t bring back my son back – Ariston deserves justice.”  With nowhere to turn, Ms. Waiters called on internationally renown Private Investigator T.J. Ward to perform his own inquiry into Ariston’s death, and bring forth the hand of justice that Georgia officials cannot – or simply will not extend.  

Using advanced Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology, Ward first evaluated the statements made by the officer himself.  Unlike the interpretation of body language signals, or highly subjective polygraph analysis, LVA is an advanced technology to detect “brain activity traces” using the voice as a medium.  It was initially developed for Israel’s Mossad, but is now utilized by high-level law enforcement agencies across the globe.

“There’s no question that Lewis is lying about what happened that day,” Ward states confidently.  “It’s impossible for the events that were documented by the officer to have actually taken place.”  A former Union City Police detective, and reserve police commander with more than 35 years experience, Ward speaks from authority on police procedure, “When a young man such as Ariston is senselessly killed, and the internal system of inquiry fails to act in accordance, it brings distrust from the community toward law enforcement officers who are there to protect.” 

In Ferguson, Missouri, experts cited the many years of police distrust for the violent and racially charged riots after 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot dead by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014.  “Unlike the no-bill decision in St. Louis,” comments Ward, “no reasonable person could believe that Lewis’ actions were either out of self-defense or fear.”

Further investigation by Ward has uncovered new information that could indeed press for a formal review and potential indictment of Luther Lewis.  There is no statute of limitation for murder. “This is a case that even on its face demands re-opening,” proclaims Ward.  Yet, Ward’s letters and calls to Fulton DA Howard go without response.

“I was at the cemetery earlier today,” reflects Ms. Waiters, pausing.  “It’s been very difficult.  I can’t understand why my son is dead, and his murderer is still walking the streets.  I trust that T.J. will show who’s responsible for covering up Ariston’s murder.  I want the whole house to come tumbling down.”

Investigator T.J. Ward has been featured in national and international news venues involving the Natalee Holloway investigation, including FOX, MSNBC, CNN, Good Morning America, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and Vanity Fair.  He is the founder and CEO of Investigative Consultants International (ICI) in Atlanta, Georgia, and presently in pre-production of an investigative reality series of his own, the Justice Ward.

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Original Source: http://www.i-newswire.com/press-release/renown-private-investigator-t-j-ward-seeks-murder-indictment

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